Do the Hunters ever actually win? (lore discussion)


So for the first time yesterday, I had finally won evacuation mode as the hunters, and was finally able to see the “hunters win” cinematic.
To my disappointment, it ends pretty much the same way as the monster winning. All of the hunters get overrun and die. Really? After the hard struggle of winning defend mode, My friends and I still die? I mean, yay I saved a drop ship full of people I never even see, but is there no way that Bucket could have brought the ship around in time?

So my question to @Matthew, is there a scenario where the hunters ever actually survive in the lore? Or are they sentenced to death right when they signed up for the job?


Their is actually no proof that the hunters died,just the monsters closing in on them. Also when the Tier 4 hunters were released it said that Cabots team has done their job,but now they need help.
I think it’s safe to assume that the Hunters survived.


I’m fine with lore being what they want to be, but the “hunters win” evac cinematic definitely does NOT show them in a surviving position. Final frame shows them bunched together, outnumbered and within melee distance of a group of angry looking monsters.

They REALLY should have made it different if they wanted to make it believable …


It’s still believable,considering that if monster win there is no way they survived. With how fast the monsters were dropping,I’d say they survived. Also,again,the Tier 4 description says Cabot and his team have done their job,but now they need help. Meaning they survived.


That’s the principle of getting swarmed under. Yes they do kill them left, right and center, but more come and they get closer and closer.

Once again, I’m not complaining about the lore, only about the fact that this silly video does not match it in my opinion


Completely agree. It seems lore-wise that TRS has an infatuation with having characters miracurously survive presumed death against impossible odds (See: Sunny, The Sword Series), but frankly it’s a bad move either way; they either kill off quality characters simply a poor way of attempting to induce an emotional response (See: The Walking Dead) or they miraculously survive, giving us a boy who cried wolf scenario (especially now with Sunny- how the hell are we ever supposed to believe someone died if they can magically survive falling into a sun?


I think it’s meant to show that the fight is not over. There’s allegedly thousands and thousands of monsters on Shear.


This is where Gobi swoops in and uses tactical nuke. This is why the screen cuts out at the end


Maggie, at one point in winning defend, says one down, only another million or two to go.


Yes sir. That’s pretty much where I got that from lol.


This makes me think. Hunters: why you take a long time to hunt down one monster through out the game then mow them down like a hot knife through butter at the end?


Cinematic versus reality. In the intro cinematic jetpacks work like superman’s flight. Creative liberties and all :stuck_out_tongue:


The jetpacks work as if sunny is boosting them all from the background :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I see your point


Or… maybe they all die and just respawn back on the ship :stuck_out_tongue: