Do the hunter skin DLCs for sale now include tier 4 hunter weapons?


Just a question I had since they are on sale.


Same here i don’t want to pay again for the skins i already have.


No. New hunter come out on march 31st, the sale ends upcoming monday. New hunter skins come most likely at the same time the hunters come out


Okay, we have Torvald’s Ragnarok skin and Slim’s Valkyrie skin. When do you think Crow and Sunny will get past class-specific skins and which ones do you want the most? (I’m happy with Torvald’s but I personally hope that Slim gets the Phoenix treatment, Valkyrie is just too close to the Elite skins in my opinion)


Damn, you’ve been digging I see xD


I felt like talking about this topic and this thread was one of the ones towards the top that wasn’t closed, lol :smile: