Do the eggs grow?


Question: Do the eggs grow? I may have some pretty solid evidence that they do, and I just wanted to see.

The way I’m seeing it from this image, the eggs start out in a much smaller state and grow over time, until they’re ready to be hatched. So am I correct? Or is this some scrapped concept for the eggs?


@macman we need you to clarify this


@AmnDragon is your Nest Mode answer man.


That’s not an egg. That’s the 5th monster. :wink: Stage 1-3.


What’s its skills? ^.-




I see them pulsate, but that’s about it.


Have you seen my theory on the monsters origin? Is it solid, or do you think it is awful? Because this might just give it more evidence.


Green goop.


You can’t handle the true origins of the monsters.


I’m not referring to what they do in Nest Mode. I’m talking about, maybe, in the future, we could see growing eggs or something like that. Eggs that start off the size of an Obsidian Beetle and grow into the large boulders we see in Nest.



What is the true origin of the monsters?


We don’t know. No one does. He’s just screwing with you. I personally believe the Titan Theory.


Good man! :smiley:


Remember the part where Slim tells us that the previous experiments with his “kind” went horribly wrong. “Failed experiments?” Where Sunny get’s all enthusiastic to think that Slim is an actual Alien? Where generation one was more insect than man, not even capable of following orders?

What if the same theory can be applied to the monsters? A genetic experiment with humans that went horribly wrong. Recreating tissue with DNA from various animals that the Hunters have caught in the past? Applying it to humans, but ‘the beast took over’. There seems to be no proof of intelligent life besides humans in this universe. What if the monsters are man-made, what if Shear was a base to try and harness their powers? Maggie said that Factor only had two monsters, the Behemoth and the 5th monster. What if the Goliath, Kraken and Wraith are actually originating from Shear itself? Well… a man-made origin then ofc :stuck_out_tongue:


She didn’t say those were the only ones. Those were just the only ones she mentioned.


Hmmm, well I still think that the Theory that they are man made is the most practical one. In another era of our evolution I could see these beast roam around on our planet. Maybe not the unrealistic movement, but their looks.


Well, I sure hope they aren’t. Theory makes them more boring IMO.


Nice catch! When we were prototyping Nest, we wanted to try a few different mechanics out. In one of the gameplay iterations we had, we had eggs start a lower levels of health and increase in health overtime. After they mature, they would hatch.


That’s interesting. Thanks for the info!

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