Do the Devs only play on PC?


I was curious about this?
I haven’t seen any play on xbox one or on ps4


@SlabOMeat @MacMan @DamJess @Chloe @MajorLeeHyper
These are just the devs I know :smile:


I know MajorLeeHyper and DamJess are on Steam. I know GentlemanSquirel is as well.


All the fun people on these forums are on steam.
(except @Brandini ) I was in a bunch of games with him recently


And Plaff. And like a lot of people here.


:cry:It’s so lonely on ps4


Summoning @Rapterror, @Plaff, @SlinkyGuy, @Raptor, @TheMountainThatRoars, @warpathchris, @MeTheBigShow, @Skrewyluie, and @Brandini for this cruel injustice of a comment.


I play Xbox, I’m fun! ( I think)


I remember playing against @MajorLeeHyper back in march, he had all the gold skins and we were like “WTF”
He then went to hand us our own ass for like 10 games in a row, then after we finally Defeated him,
he’s like “well…gotta go fix some bugs”
Hmm memories.


I wouldn’t know, nobody ever invites me so I still just play PuGs. There were like two people who invited me a bunch of times when I was grinding elites, then ever since I finished I haven’t seen them online since. Sometimes I just load Evolve and leave it in the background to see if I get any invites.



Yeah we’re all pretty fun guys! Had the chance to play against (or was it with?) @MacMan once on the Xbox One.

Ah you know what?

It doesn’t matter who you play with or against on whatever platform, as long as you do have fun and that’s all that matters!

Whether in game with a developer of the game or not, the major point is you can have fun with any of us! We are all as important as each other! :smile:


But i like facing devs, they created the game why not pwn people with it


That moment when you realize he summoned himself


Oh yes, of course anyone can enjoy facing the developers and good luck to those who do, I say!


well look at this way, when pc has no ppl, the devs can play with each other :smirk: soo pc will truly never die


Evolve ception? Evolve developers playing evolve, evolving?


Still, playing with a Dev is sick.


Im a fun guy too. >.>


I know I’m late to the party summon but please someone tell me there is cake left.


I saved you a slice