Do the Bog Skins Make Decent Camouflage?


T4R, I was considering picking up the bog skins because I feel they’d make decent camouflage for jungle environments. Am I right in thinking this?


Yes. Bog are amazing. Wendigo are slightly worst but still decent.


They give decent camo in bushes and stuff, i can tell you from experience that i walked by many a Bog Goliath :expressionless:
Not my best trapper moment


They make REALLY good camoflauge in bushes and stuff.


Of course, I bought them for just that reason.


They are awesome on jungle maps if you find a big bush. Most of the time I only get spotted by the ai that was lagging behind the rest of his team


Damn Wall-Hacking AI


I faced a bog goliath once… holly-molly… He sneak a lot and did it very well. So many times I saw him disappear so quick… and I just went to the closest bush, but I didn’t see anything. Nothing at all… form a few meter! But my fellow “Lassie” always show the red sign above his head. I domed the monster 4-5 times and I always dropped it blind, Daisy was my only and biggest help. I read at the skin topics, that if the hunters skins would be not just weapon paintings, but whole characters too, would ruin the gameplay for the monster (This is bullshit, but it’s just my opinion). But I think that a skin which can hide you from hunters from 2 meters is more broken than a recoloured hunter who has the same silhouette.


Yes, that is until you start glowing like a Christmas tree.


ive always felt that the carnivore skin is great night camo


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I happen to like the bog skins period.

That being said, there’s a lot of different terrain out there. From wasteland, swamp, and even snow… So bog skin doesn’t really “help”.

I really feel that the game naturally augments your vision based on the terrain you are in. I’ve watched bushes and swear they were empty… and I’ve watched wraiths walk into bushes and try to hide… and fail. I’m not quite sure how it all works.

That being said, the biggest give-away is actually MOTION. Moving really draws attention to yourself, even while sneaking. In that regard, no matter what skin you use, it won’t help.

Many people are very surprised that hunters just DON’T LOOK DOWN… Whether there be a monster, carnivorous plant, lakes of acid, or just plain terrain… It’s always a gamble. There’s a few behemoth threads where people suggest chilling near spawn until the hunters choose a direction, lol.

Also, even if you don’t see the monster, so long as you recticle “near” it, the hunter will say things like “There she is, off in the distance” or “can’t hide from me” or “I seeee youuuu”. So… even if the players eyesight is bad, it may not make too much of a difference.


Considering i’ve hidden in a bush with the gold skin and two hunters walked right past me? I’d say the Bog skin is better but not required.


The skin gives more leeway, but hiding properly is more about positioning, and remaining still.

Even a shining pink kraken can hide in a forest if he breaks line of sight and keeps quiet.


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The bog skin dulls the armour glow also, at least it does on the Kraken. For example, the standard skin has this really bright neon blue glow that stands out, doesn’t seem to glow so much with bog skin.


The bog skin for kraken also makes some of his blue glow turn into a greenish glow


Monster’s biggest camo-advantage is the Hunter’s narrow FPS FOV – I once literally watched an Assault fly over my head as I was nestled between two outcroppings. :laughing: