Do T4 Hunters not have banter recorded with the T1-3 hunters?


I have played quite a few matches with them but as yet I have not heard any unique banter exchanged between the T1-3 and T4 hunters, in dropship conversations or otherwise.

Had anyone else heard any? I get they were made after the T1-3 hunters were, but I really expected them to have some degree of interaction recorded, especially with Parnell, Abe and Sunny all back together. But all I have heard so far is T1-3 hunters speaking among themselves and T4 hunters huddled in their own secret society corner addressing each other only and ignoring everyone else, despite the fact that their respective backstories would make for ideal dropship conversation.

Have I just been unlucky thus far in the banter, or is there actually none between core tiers and DLC tiers?


I think i remember hearing something last night with Caira and Crow talking about how Gobis helmet makes Gobi think Crow is his mum (was it Caira? Ech i forget)
What i do know however is that @Matthew said that more Lines will be coming in the future. Or I’m just crazy.
My mind gets jumbly after a night of no sleep
Edit: Was not Caira, it was Sunny, i done goofed


Apparently it has been scripted, as various dialogues have been shown on the forums, but the original hunters have not recorded any new dialogue with the Tier 4 hunters. It will be released in future updates in time (not sure when though).


Pretty sure it’s Sunny, they have similar character so it’s not that hard to mix them.

Aside from this, I think I heard a very minor interaction from Crow during the Hyde/Hank “How can I get a drill gun” dialog, but it may have been a brain fart.

I’m pretty sure there are no full interactions between T4 and previous hunters, but one-liners in big group conversation MAY exist.


Matthew said that there will be more conversations between tier 4 and the rest of the hunters in future updates


I don’t think there’s a whole lot of specific new hunter convos between The Crew and T4.

They do have their own additions to the big chats with the whole group, i.e. Canyon eel convo, drop prep with Hank… but no specific Hunter-to-Hunter ones.


No, they’re not in game yet. Matthew, the writer, said he was in L.A. recording them last week, though! So I expect we’ll see them in the not-too-distant future.


The canyon eel has a new one? Gotta listen to it. One of my favs!


i hope they recorded markovs lines a few months ago lol


They do I was playing as Sunny and she had like a 30 second conversations with Griffin about his movies and why Griffin thinks they are shit.


It’s Slim. He has a line in it. Gotta bring him, Maggie and Hank along.

I won’t spoil it, but the line is fun.


It’s recorded, and will be patched in later.


any clue when ? :smiley:


I have no idea.


damn atleast i hope its gonne be doable with micropatching


The T 4 Hunters already have interactions with T1-3, it’s just that the T1-3 don’t have the same, so it has to be recorded.

T4 can acknowledge the old characters, just not vice-versa.


So basically T1-T3 hunters are harassing T4 hunters at work by ignoring them!


btw ive just wanted to say thanks for the good job math the chars are all rly good written

for example abe. he sucks worst trapper ever

but i rly like his personality

u fail one mission and suddenly there are baby goliath all over the place? i call bullshit :smiley:

and thanks for making me love caira and sunny