Do something about premades!


Hi there !

I really love Evolve (I’m a founder) and I’m happy to see this awesome game turning f2p and players playing it again. A lot of my friends comes play with me now that’s free, but here’s a major problem who could makes them leave :

When we are premade 4, all hunters, 1/3 of the time one of us is the monster. I can understand it’s preferable that one of us play the monster instead of a bot, but it’s pretty annoying when we want to play together to have to fight one of our friend.


As a work around for this when were in a group we simply watch to see what the preferred role is for the 5th person to join is, and back out/requeue if its not a monster player.


That sounds like it would lead to a lot of backing out, though.


It certainly can sadly.

Not disagreeing with the idea- and actually totally agree.

Just saying this is how we get around it until something happens- and it might help you guys find better matches instead of taking ones you dont really want.


I actually like playing against my friends :o nothing feels better then feeling theyr hate coming down upon me when we are done :stuck_out_tongue:


Me personally, I don’t understand why there isn’t there in the DEV’s server configuration a checkbox that says “when having more than 5K players (for example), never matchmake 5 people all with hunter prefferance”. I really think people would rather wait 10-15-20 more seconds, rather than connect/disconnect 5 times witch takes 2 minutes at least.


Play ranked


+1 asked for that a long time ago. Plattmachen giveaway us that feature back (was is the game at release)


Adding this to suggestions category, as I do find it very annoying when playing with premades.