Do perks and buffs stack?


I’ve noticed that most of the perks and buffs will share similarities with one another, like a damage resistance perk and a damage resistance buff, same with movement speed and cool-down, and I was wondering if these stack. EX: If I have a perk that increases recharge speed on my monster abilities by __%[I don’t know the actual numbers] and then I pick up a buff from wildlife that gives me another recharge speed on abilities by __%, will they combine to form an extremely quick reduction? Say 25% with perk and then 50% with buff, will I be getting a 75% reduction? I know that seems a bit crazy, but it would really suck if I were to pick my perk and then get a buff that does the same thing and get no additional power from that buff.



The developers said that buffs and perks will not stack as the result will be too unfair but they have confirmed that the buffs will be higher than the perks or else there would be no point of having the elite wildlife.


What Vecris said. Buffs and Perks do not stack. The higher of the two is the current value. Think of Elite Perks as Tier 7 perks instead of the Hunter/Monster tier 3. Most of the values are close to those values. For instance, the damage increase and reduction perks are 15% for Hunters & Monsters (At Tier 3) and the Elite Wildlife is 35%.


Thanks for the help everyone