Do people still think wraith is viable?


I don’t have the tools to make a survey, but I wanna know who out there thinks you can beat a good team with wraith. I main wraith on Xbox. I’m silver skilled. I don’t play only pubs. I mostly play varying degrees of silver. I personally think that wraith is in a perfect state of balance. I have no issues getting most comps down and winning. My only issue is against Val and Hank. In order to deal with it, I rely on errors or I abduct when I reach stage 3. Only fusion plant is really unfair to wraith.


I can’t remember the last time I played against a Wraith on XB1. Seems at lower and mid levels she is fine, but against a competent team she melts.


Silver skilled is the reason you think she is viable

As you climb up . You can win as wraith . It’s much harder . She tends to be UP

In lower skill . I think wraith is the strongest monster in pubs / Bronze / silver skilled … the skill floor is low

I think sunny is more overwhelming for wraith than Hank is … … sunny = anti-wraith

Try to play against silver master + team for once … you will have a different conclusion about wraith viability


I do play silver master regularly. I win at least half the time.


You’re right about sunny though Sunny is a challenge.


You wouldn’t be in silver skilled :smile: if you won half of the matches

How about silver elite ?? Have you had a chance against them ?

One of Developer … said we made wraith unplayable by nerfing her so hard

Because so many complaints about her at all levels

Decoy/ supernova : good times

She was pretty strong / Wraith was The King but not anymore

No other monster got nerfs like wraith did …

Her melee attacks got nerfed / movement 25% (beta) / traversal / decoys / supernova / invisibility / stealth / making harpoons more effective / cooldown / abduction / no instant heavy attacks / heavy attack bug (slow)

They had to buff her armor / health just to compensate because she was too weak

IMO health / armor buff wasn’t good enough of compensation … I mean old wraith was really fun to play as no where near the new wraith … old wraith is way stronger

Wraith got buffed in Warp blast / Health / armor … that’s all she got … as I can remember … check all patches


You want a poll for this man?


Yeah I would it’s an 180 point tier and whenever I win I get 3 4 or 5 points


A poll would be nice just edit the original post


I can’t do that :stuck_out_tongue: but here

Is wraith viable or not?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I dunno

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Wraith is viable in middle silver and below. Against silver destroyers and golds she has no chance whatsoever. I’m hoping that the reworking of her clone will change this and make her less toxic so she doesn’t get nerfed to oblivion.


I don’t think she is. I really only play hunter but I would guess my highest win loss ratio on a monster is Wraith. This is going to seem like an extreme number but I would say we defeat 80% of the Wraiths we play, and when we do lose it is because of a big screw up on are part.


Pretty sure that, overall, she’s second only to Kraken. And that’s solely due to the fact that Kraken is all kinds of ridiculous right now.


She’s very viable silver +.

No need to elaborate. Anyone who spends more time on the game than in the forums knows this.


Id say fighting det ranks and bronze levels is ok ( if the team is random and doesnt work together ).
Silvers or bronze teams that communicate make it far more difficult to win compared to any other monster.
Her abduct can be rendered useless by trappers harpoons, quick reaction by trapper who throws a dome on time, or by hunters simply standing behind some ledge/obstacle/ inside a mine. I mainly use it to do damage in close combat, rather than using it for what it was meant for.

Her decoy / stealth is made somewhat useless by the fact that you can hear when she deploys it, and you know the decoy is the one that teleports towards you, so you ignore it, and shoot around it to reveal the wraith. Flame / poison / stasis / wasteland daisy / harpoons all make her both visible and slow her down.

Her melee is weak as well. I once managed to pounce the last hunter (assult) who was near a shield drone, and it took ages to beat him to death. I think he had healing perk + shield.
Wraith did allot of beating until shield went down, then a bit of damage, then shield went back up …and again, lots of beating…then some real damage, but during the shield, i think he gained some of the hp back. Long story short, it took ages to beat one hunter to death. I think wraith needs extra pounce speed and damage, because this is what she is meant for. Secretly sneaking up to a hunter / abducting them, then pouncing.


Definitely second only to Kraken. I think she’s a very strong pick in the right hands, and more than viable if you learn to play her well :smiley_cat:


I don’t think Wraith is viable in her current state. what with the melee bug and all. But ability wise she’s in an OK place, WB is pretty good, AB is great when it works, SN could use a little love and Decoy is dumb as bucket of nails. She’s just slightly under Goliath the way I see it.

Playing with silver tiers and she’s not played there anymore because of it. Most people stopped using her after TU8 introduced it.


She’s still the most viable pick after Kraken in PC competitive play. Make of that what you will.


Wraith might be barely viable but surely not after Kraken. There is Kraken, then huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge cap and Goliath, then huuuuuge cap and Wraith/Gorgon. I mean how can you even argue otherwise?


From what I have experienced, it’s not the monsters that are too strong, lol.
I mean, I have played against even Kraken a lot of times and I just shred her with Lennox. Same goes for Wraith and most monsters.
Kala + Lennox especially, damn.