Do not punish me, please


… For leaving a game where you offered me to play as my least preferred class.

Matchmaking and loading screens take way too much time anyway. I don’t need another time waster like that 1-minute penalty before I can (try to) join another game.

I will NOT play ANY class your game offers. I’d rather quit and play another game.

I’m pretty sure your game and your player base would do better if I’m available for matchmaking for as long as possible. There already aren’t that many players above lvl 20 and I need to wait helluva long time looking at that matchmaking screen.

If you want to encourage me to play something I don’t really want, offer me a BONUS for doing so. Do not penalize me. It just makes me want to penalize your game in return.

I showed I value your game by purchasing and playing it. Please, show me that you value my time by cutting that stupid thing out of the game.


If they cave to this demand, you guys will be back in a week crying about wait times for your preferred class.

Why would you buy a game that has 5 classes and you’ll only play one and complain/quit when you don’t get it?


Blossy, you should be happy that they don’t do the same as lol where they give you a 5 minute wait penalty and if you did it again a 15 minute wait penalty.

If you just want to play a single character you should be happy to know that in not too long ranked play will be added to this game, which should give you your first choice for what I know.


And what happenes wwhen no one ever again whant to play a serten class? Many full team games starting then? The penalty need to be there so people dont quit yust cos they got a class they dont enjoy. Sometimes you need to take one for the team. Grow up.


I’d gladly play 3 or 4 of those 5 classes at any time. But I need to be in a special mood to play the last 2, because they demand a specific attitude if I want to perform well and be really useful for the team.

Plus, for the moment I like focusing on 1-2 characters and becoming good at them and upgrading their skills.

PS: I’ve unlocked and tried all characters.


That’s not happening anytime soon. If I remember correctly, there’s relatively balanced percentages of players having this and this as their main priority.

Also, this tries to balance itself out a bit. Can’t find a game as Assault because too many players queued up as that class? Hang on, I’ll just play Trappper, I can do that semi-above-average (english is now surprisingly fun again) and I don’t even need to wait, since that’s the least prefferred class.


Honestly, I prefer to play solely as monster. But you know what? Sometimes I’m given a hunter class, and I just run with it. And you know what? Generally, even though it isn’t my first choice, I still enjoy myself and have fun. And in the process, get a little better at that class. Also, you do know that in the selection screen you can swap your role with other people right?

Probably the best time I can recall as a hunter was because of that, and I got to enjoy the sight of a decoy spam wraith getting melted by a competent team. And since I was assault, I did ALOT of the damage.


And what happenes wwhen no one ever again whant to play a serten class? Many full team games starting then? The penalty need to be there so people dont quit yust cos they got a class they dont enjoy. Sometimes you need to take one for the team. Grow up.

That’s not my problem. I didn’t design this game and can’t offer solutions. TRS would probably want to tweak and/or buff the least played characters.

As I already said - this penalty won’t make me play something I don’t feel like at that moment. I’d rather penalize the game by not playing it and not recommending it to my friends.


As I mentioned, I rarely refuse to play as any of the hunter classes/characters. But I find playing the monster exhausting and not always fun. It delivers unique thrills though and I plan to dedicate some time to the monsters in the future.

But currently I prefer being part of a team, even if they’re random people.


Wow, 1 minute waitout time sure is the hell of a punishment. It’s almost crushing. Devastating.

I can’t really take that seriously.


ye hes probably having it worse then those kids in africa -_-


Demeaning his issue is not particularly useful, and comparing it to issues other people have in third-world countries is particularly infantile.

I see that the matchmaking system could be improved, so that players could queue only as their preferred class.


People are on this board sniveling about playing ANYTHING other than their one PET CLASS. It’s completely asinine for players to buy this game and squeal that they don’t ALWAYS get their preferred class. There are 5 classes. You’re going to get stuck with all of them at some point.


How do you plan on being a effective, versatile player if you only play one class? Good players can drop into any role and play them effectively. It is just as important for you to be a good player as it is for you to know the other characters capabilities and potential which you only learn by playing them.


I have no issue with people disagreeing with another person’s opinion. The problem is when they attempt to say another person’s opinion is worthless, or degrade it in some way. Such a discourse is not conducive to useful dialogue about a game’s features or design.


I already said I’ve played and continue to play (more or less) all characters. That has nothing to do with knowing the other classes. I just don’t feel like playing CERTAIN classes at a certain MOMENT.

Quite a few people here behaving like it’s a personal issue I have with the game that doesn’t affect anyone else.

The 1-minute penalty system is just an example of poor user experience. If everyone else thinks it is the smartest implementation ever, that’s ok.


The problem isn’t that I only want to play one class, the problem is that there is only one class I don’t want to play, the monster. But for the past couple of days I get on all excited to be the hunters and log on to get stuck playing monster three times straight. It’s dissapointing and I’d like to not get punished for trying to play any of the 4 classes I enjoy


Ho boy, maybe TRS should install a mood tracker in your home? Maybe that way they can know which class to give you!!!


“Quit being a bellend !” -Hyde


But imagine if a lot of people decided they didn’t want to play a certain class at once? Then there would be many games where there is either a really long wait time or the class is filled with a bot, which isn’t exactly desirable.

Besides, the 1-minute penalty is much better in terms of wait time than the massive waits that would result from the class pref system being changed.