Do not make this game too easy


so recently i read about that support shieldgun change (the shield gets only drained when a hunter is getting attacked) which was made for the sake of newer players (also not a fan of all that autoaim that is going on).

so i have begun to fear that there will be no depth if you just make everything too easy and accessible to new players. I think it is fine to let newer players struggle sometimes and give them something to improve on rather than just holding down a button and watch everything playing by itself.


Well it is possible that if TRS releases realism mode or hardcore mode (whatever you prefer to call it) things like this will change for a more challenging hunt.


I think this is a good alternative since it gives things more simple for new players, AND still gives to skilled players an advantage.


They also explain that that change doesn’t make skilled players have less of an advantage. @MacMan says that what noobs would do is hold down the shield and keep it on, draining their battery and they felt it was useless. Skilled players would tap it right before the monster hit the ally and skilled players thought it was a great equipment.

So they made it more useable, only drains battery when the ally being shielded takes damage. However skilled players are STILL rewarded for using it the more advanced way, while you are channeling the shield, it will not recharge at all. Skilled players tapping it are rewarded with it recharging in between taps, as opposed to noobs who hold it down, they won’t let it recharge.

They made the initial change because noobs weren’t even taking the time to learn the shield gun, this is a pretty good change. Good players have an advanced way of using it but new players won’t feel like it’s worthless.

This is still a competitive game so difficulty can’t be changed around a ton without upsetting the balance between the sides anyways.


well this thread isnt really about that shield gun change but here are my thoughts on it. the shieldgun was okay. new players thought it was useless ? let them as they get better with the game they will learn that maybe all the useless stuff isnt really useless but actually pretty good. almost every other good competitive game has hurdles like that (sc2, dota, lol, cs, quake)


I like this change (I wasn’t aware of it) because it relieves some fears I had about latency and this character.


I guess my point was it’s a good change to accommodate new players (yes, they are important and first impressions matter) WITHOUT taking away any depth. The depth is still there.


Wow elitism already and the game isn’t even out yet…


Fear not! I was skeptical about the change when we did it. I liked the more core version of the skill at first. But it really does make it more accessible without the skill gap suffering. We try things constantly and really make sure it satisfies all our gamer types( We have a wide range at the studio).

The game is accessible and fun. But once you start getting competitive at high tiers things get tough quick. One of our concept artists is like a pro-shielder. He babies that battery regen to make the most of it and only flicks it on right before the Monster is going to attack (He knows all the Monster attack animation queues ). Couple that with our other concept artists inhuman dodging ability and you have a very core experience on both sides.

Hope that helps!


…hope the lag won’t get these skilled tricks impossible… sigh