Do not make a Ranked Play


It’s really nothing more than a glorified skirmish with yet again more randoms. How about instead, make it only accessible when you have a 4 man team pre made, or if you have monster selected as your number one choice.

That way we monsters can fight challenging hunters, and the hunters get difficult, yet fun, matches.

Everyone’s happy!


Yes please, tired of pubstomping, I don’t wanna pubstomp and have is “matter”
11/10, would rank again ^.^


Love this idea, hope this happens.


Well, people won’t be that random, since they did manage to get as far as you did.

The main thing I’m looking forward to is that hopefully ranked play will punish rage quitters with
24hr -> 3 days -> 7 day bans. I’m tired of having good rounds ruined because little Jimmy couldn’t handle getting killed because he overextended/mommy told him dinner was ready.


Nope, nope, NOPE.

We do NOT need a punishment for people leaving early other than the loss. As the game stands now, I’ve had to quit from bugs, game freezes, trolling monsters, etc. Things that aren’t related to the game that caused me to leave were things like going to the optometrist, taking care of family, getting the door for someone, unexpected events, etc.

Not everyone’s as lucky as some to be able to know effectively when they can play or not, right down to the dot.


I’m talking about a seperate matchmaking system.
One system for Ranked Play and one for Skirmish. Skirmish would not be changed.
Like CS:GO.

If you are experiencing issues like often crashing/baby sitting and is not sure if you are able to finish a match, you use Skirmish.

Well, you could just open the door and say “Mom! Is it dinner soon? Mind giving me a 15 min warning?”
Think of it like this: Do you deserve punishment for quitting, or do the 3 hunters and monster deserve it? Because being one less man on the team hurt their performance and fun a lot.


A good solution for a specific problem.

Not as though there’s any real “punishment” for when someone leaves, hence the ai.

Also, do you really feel any loss, when these micless randoms back out unexpectedly?


You COULD have an implementation, where say if you back out 5-10 times in a given day you could be subject to some limitations.

Because hey lets face it, if your life’s that unpredictable and busy, maaaybe you shouldn’t be playing at a time like that.


The AI isn’t especially good. Some of them are better than nothing, like Hank but usually I’d prefer player rather than a bot as long as said player isn’t a troll.

I feel that with two different ques, where we have one “casual” and one “serious” will solve it. Don’t want to fully commit to the game? Go “casual”. Want a matchmaking que where everyone is forced to work togehter, no matter if they are with a bad/troll team or got an annoying bug? Go “serious”.

As long as current Skirmish stay the way it is, I don’t think people will mind. :wink:

I know. That’s what I said. If you don’t know if you have 20 minutes, then you should either play Skirmish or not at all.


Everyone prefers playing with people over ai.

You won’t need to worry about useless dc’s since the only way to get in, is if you have a pre made team.

You shouldn’t penalize the hunters at all if they one wants to leave because I’m sure they understand amongst one another that they have to leave.

for example one yesterday had to take care of his kids, we all understood, another time a fellas missus came and he had to hop off, all all understood.

Why should the game punish someone if everyone’s okay with his leaving?

Monster penalties sure, the whole games focus depends on you, so you don’t get let off as easy.


Need this mode NOW!

And i agree only premade teams pls, solo monster : /


The lack of ranked play is the reason I stopped playing online. Unfortunately it seems that only the most dedicated and pro players are left and I get stomped hard every game under the 10 minutes timer without even getting a chance to evolve to S2. I think separate modes for premades and casuals would lure more people who want to play for fun only few games over the weekend and not being stomped to the ground in the first 5 minutes. Which brings me to my question. Would it be possible to add another difficulty level in solo mode? Since AI atm isn’t challenging anymore but online is waaay above my skill I would love to see another level of difficulty.


we need ranked so badly

its boring as fuck to waste 15 monster players every evening till u get a decent one…

and its boring for both sides


Actually I don’t know about hunters but it’s not boring for a monster players…it’s FRUSTRATING and makes people quit the game. We need ranked badly. It should have been from the beginning.


call it whatever but its the same in the end.

we get bored from not having a challenge

they get bored/frustrated cuz they are not good enought(no offense to them tho)

that makes both partys quit


I want Ranked play because I am assuming it will pair people up based on stats vs level(lol). I am tired of sharing trapper with a level 40 who doesn’t know how to track and picks everyone but Maggie. Or getting a level 40 Hank who doesn’t even touch his shield.


everyone who is against a ranked mode wants to have easy fights and keeping up his W/L ratio.


exactly my thoughts


Eh. My problem with having a 4 man pre made is that I have no friends. How do you intend to solve that problem? And playing as monster isn’t an option :stuck_out_tongue:


Ranked play doesn’t matter much to me at this point. Most of my games are customs against people who I know aren’t bad. So, even I stomp them I know it’s because I played better and not because my opponents were bad players.