Do most people know about TU 9?


So I am not talking about people on the forums, I am talking about the people not on the forums…

Are the other players aware of the new patch, or they think Evolve is smashed? It doesn’t say in-game that a new patch is coming or anything


Probably not. The only people who know are people who play evolve, and people who have friends who play evolve that they get annoyed with every time that friend brings up evolve


TRS and 2K have plans to get the word out. That being said, grassroots campaigning/word of mouth won’t hurt at all. Especially once the update drops.

So tell your friends and let’s kill some hunters!

#Monster #DownWithPatTech :monster:


So, people that spit at Evolve and say it’s a dead game without knowing that it’s still played are unaware of the TU09.
I’d say to them: which means “Bien Ta Grotte?” in french and “Good your cave?” in english.

You put it when somebody thinks and yells that something is new (and in fact isn’t) to people that already know it, for example:
-The PlayStation One is released! -BTG!
-The devs of Evolve have implemented the Wraith! -BTG!
-You die after the life. -Wow, but BTG!


I like this. I like this very much.


I’ve spread the word as best I could. So some know.


My friends are sick of hearing about it. They gave up on Evolve after a few days. I’ll convince them to try it again after TU9, but who knows.


I kinda stopped because of the mic bug in the game


Everyone I play with knows about TU09, but that’s like 6 people, and a few of them wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for those of us on the forums.


Is it on the FB page?


Not yet anyway.


People were saying Evolve was dead or dying within months after it’s initial release. An article written by Gamasutra talking about the death of Evolve was released August 11, 2015. :rolling_eyes:

Whatever TRS and 2K are going to do to spread the word, it better be enough to counter this:


^ that shows up in my suggested page a lot


I am honestly getting tired of waiting though. So long and the only thing we get is Soon :frowning:


Have to agree with this. The waiting is just brutal.


Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. They teased that it was in a month with JU in it’s name, June is gone, that leaves July. We’ve got 27 days max I imagine. I know that seems like a long time, but we’ve made it this far.


It only seems long if you like actively think about it all the time too. Like each day I think about it I say to myself “Man, it sure has been a long time.” But if I do go a couple days without thinking about, well Hell, all of the sudden June is already over.

I mean, waiting sucks for sure but as HBD said, it’s only a matter of time and time is finally running out. :slight_smile:


Exactly. I remember crying thick gravy like tears into a fine crystal wineglass when the first day of June ended and we had no teases or release date or anything. Now June is long dead and July is already here. I just played the OG fallout games and tried desperately not to think about TU9 for all of June.


Same. Except for the fallout. More along the lines of just trying to stay busy though. But time is proceeding onward, as it always does. And soon enough Evolve will make its grand return to the stage. :grin: :thumbsup:


Plus, playing other games really make time go really quickly :stuck_out_tongue: