Do monsters feel remorse or have limits?


So i know the monsters are smart and know what they are doing and we are supposed to relate to them but do they have limits? Are they all different with different limits on what they would do? Would they attack kids etc. Do some feel regret or remorse? So many random questions xD


I feel they wouldn’t attack babies. Surely that have to some sense to know it’s just wrong. Heck, I even feel bad when I wreck a hunter team to easily.


with people/kids defending such high powered hunters and always screaming for monster nerfs… yea… I feel no remorse.

If I see a t4 hunter, you can bet im going ham and ripping them a new one.


The monsters have only feel one thing, hunger.


Given that they’ve destroyed entire planets prior to Shear. I’m going to say they don’t have limits.





I was thinking that. But surly if they are all intelligent and know they are invading then they must all think different.


They could be drones. That would remove any chance for empathy.


Or they could just not care at all and see us humans as nothing more than weird wildlife. Or they could be some kind of biological weapon. Or they could be some super race that intends to destroy planets. CONSPIRACIES!


They evolve to win. So maybe they understand human emotion but i don’t think they have them.


There you go wraith, your message has been delivered.


Level 3 Goliath be like


Do you care that the lamb you eat is baby sheep?

Do you care that veal is baby cow kept in cages…

Did you know that hamburgers were made from cows that had kids of their own…

Did you care that the eggs you’ve likely had at some point in your life prevented a baby chicken from coming into the world…

Do you have remorse or limits about any of these?

Literally, I think the monsters care less about the origin of their food than they do their table manners…


Wat is that


So true.

Also, this is @Quirkly


I have a dumb head-fanfic where a newly hatched Goliath is wounded and left behind by a large group of Monsters after they rip apart a town, and a young girl who’s the sole survivor of the attack takes pity on it ad nurses it back to health and they have a really sappy bonding thing and grow up with each other.

I also have another dumb idea that the Monsters are evolving so rapidly that the oldest surviving ones start evolving higher level sentience and split themselves off from the rest of them and possibly attempt to aid the Hunters down the line.

Honestly, it’s hard to say how plausible it is that they would show any remorse. Something so highly capable of rapid evolution you’d think would just as quickly gain self awareness, and even the Xenomorphs displayed a limited capacity for understanding. Even if we discount eveything past the second film, the Queen understood the idea of Mexican Stand-Off and had the rest of the Xenos pull back.

I personally think that, even if we assume that the Monsters are ruthless and don’t care about what they do regardless of sentience or self awareness, that they at least have a limited honor code. For instance, if the Hunters and Monster ever had to team up against something, or the Monster was saved by the Hunters, that they might leave on an uneasy parlay rather than attack them. Maybe not as far as returning the favor, but a rudimentary respect for strong “prey”.

The devs have said they wanted us to empathize with the Monsters, at least to a limited level. How far those limits go is up to interpretation I would say until such a time that the game’s lore discredits it.


Ah! Nevermind… They don’t have any remorse. Wraith at poor Goliaths cookies.

Epilispy Warning!



How about it? Is there anything a monster WILL NOT put in it’s mouth?

And do they have any limits? My thoughts were that they can’t use silverware…


This, pretty much. Also, I would not consider them “evil”. Is the swarm of insect who devastates the farmer’s field evil? Is the lion who attacks the “wealthy-tourist-who-did-not-listen-to-camp-safety-and-poops-with-his-back-turned-to-the-Savannah” evil?

To quote Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander : My cat eats mice. Does that make him evil? I don’t think so, but I bet the mice would be of a different opinion.