Do minions regen armor?


I always see the minions regenerate armor. Sometimes its half the health bar, sometimes its just a little. Is it over time and how much? Or is it like they eat without you looking lol


I don’t think I’ve seen minions regenerate armor in Nest or Defend.

Or maybe I haven’t payed attention to it? Who knows.

Oh wait…



Minions very gradually regenerate armor, but it takes a long time to get to full. They do not eat.


Like Aramet said, they do

As a monster Armor slowly regenerates but for minions I though it was about 25% faster

Because it gets about 15% in defend when they get to the generator


They regen over time, they do not eat. Not sure what the rate is, but they can get to full armor in defend in the time it takes to drive away an AI monster while they are not being attacked.