Do medics in general need a buff?


Nice oxymoron.


You took that out of context. I was saying that IF they nerf Support defence, all Medics should have a buff. If they don't, and they keep the current state, Slim needs a nerf. Don't see how that's an oxymoron.


Slim does not need a buff regardless of what they do to Supports.


Not quite sure what you're getting at with that quote? stuck_out_tongue Your point?


Not sure either. Either way, Slim needs no buffs regardless of any Support changes.


Eh, I disagree. A Slim/Bucket comp, for example, isn't OP, just annoying because spores are the most poorly thought out tool I have ever seen. .-.


I'm just going to leave this here.....


But don't worry, if it wasn't fun for Hunters to be blinded I'm sure Monsters will have no problem with it.

This is my one major complaint with this entire game.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Yep. Whenever we compare the two, people say "But Scorpid's spores were different!"

Well yes, but the bottom line is that the concept is the same behind both, and MacMan himself said it isn't fun, but screw it, throw it in, and let's make it super spammy too, because why not?!


The main argument is:

"Well Scorpid's ability literally made the screen smudge and fog up with a green noxious cloud that stopped you from seeing more than 5m in front of you, you couldn't see or heal teammates. It's different, Slim still let's you see."

Okay, fine, allow me to spray you with pepper spray then ask you to kill a fly that's roaming in your house, I won't tell you where though. Oh and the fly has a shotgun waiting to kill you. Correction, there are 4 flies, one even has the ability to save the other 3 from death. Have fun.


It just annoys me to no end that it was essentially said that Hunters didn't like being blinded from a giant 2 story Monster, but somehow it is still okay to blind the previously mentioned 2 story Monster when it has to keep track of 4 small Hunters.


And every time the fly shoots you, it gets stronger, and it strengthens its three fly pals, also with guns waiting to kill you.

Also, derailment. stuck_out_tongue Back on topic now!


Shall we continue our ever-burning hatred for his spores in a PM?


No thanks, plenty of topics for that on the forums. stuck_out_tongue


I see that this has derailed in another topic about hating Slim, glad I'm not the only one that dislikes him. But anyway,

Do medics in general need a buff? At the moment not really, Caira and Lazarus are balanced they don't need anything (although I wouldn't mind a small napalm buff stuck_out_tongue ), Val needs a buff and Slim needs a nerf. The only medic that is having a lot of trouble with the new damage is Val, the others are doing good ( and one a bit too good :s ).


I find Slim to be UP and perhaps his HB should be buffed greatly joy joy


Slim is only UP if people can't aim, tbh.


It was.... A joke, because I see a lot of complain he is OP


I'd be interested in revisiting this topic after (if ever) Hank's shield gets nerfed


Slim buck maggie markov. Invisible traps everywhere.


Medics dont need buff (maybe except Val). They can still be viable if you know how to play them. And thier purpouse is not to live forever. Medic purpouse is to keep himself and team alive as long as possible while they do enough dmg. If medic is killed but the rest of the team kills monster it's fine.