Do kraken and behemoth get new unique skins too?


Goliath and Wraith received new tiger and clownfish skins, respectively…any word on if/when the other monsters will also get new duds?


Nothing is known so far, seems to be pretty random when they’re putting out new skins.


Krakenchu will be in next update.


ha ha–krakenchu—nice–

anyone else have any ideas for new skins? ‘tuxedo’ behemoth, or ‘english gentlemen’ kraken is where my money is


There’s like 30 in the main post here, some more down below, but there’s some repetition


Probably goliath and wraith right now bc they are most likely the most popular therefore would earn a return best. Hopefully behemoth and kraken get some tho especially behemoth I know on ps4 all we have is the jade skin to buy.


hope so. I seem to be the only person in the world who doesn’t like the jade skin, oh and as for the elite skin…blah.

now compare that to the awesome tiger skin and the voodoo skin that Goliath has, I mean seriously those skins are amazing. hats off to turtle rock for those.


Voodoo Kraken & Wraith and Gold Behemoth skins exist, not sure when they’ll roll out or if they’ll be event skins. Definitely need more Behemoth skins. There’s also a Sandstone skin for him that was previewed before T4 went live but hasn’t been seen since.


oh cool, thanks for posting this; i was unaware of this thread-- :slight_smile: