Do I want an XBox One X?


Decided against a PC upgrade for my son and instead settled on the XBox One S…snagged it for $230 on Amazon bundled with Forza 3 and the Hotwheels DLC he wanted. Now I’ll get to play Monster Hunter Worlds when it arrives.

Black Friday deals on the One S are $189. Forza 3 is $50 and the Hot Wheels DLC is $20…so I saved a few bucks too.


I’m happy to hear you’ve made a decision! Congratulations on your purchase, and i hope your son is happy with it ^^


Well, thought I would check in with the final results. My son has played the XBone for about an hour total since Christmas, playing Forza 3, Need for Speed Payback, and Minecraft…but he still favors Roblox on the PC over all that. He barely gives the thing a second glance so it was a good decision not to go with the One X after all. But my hubby is playing Grand Theft Auto on it, and I will probably be playing Monster Hunter World on it later this month also…so not a total waste.


Glad you went for the cheaper purchase then!


(and for the record, I do not endorse this guy whatsoever, just a funny gif)

Sorry to hear that Sledge, I guess your son is very picky. Who knows, maybe once the PC dies, he might have no choice but to try the xbox one more.


Heh, well that will be a while, since I gave him my old rig so he can play better games he could not on his older PC, like BeamNG Drive and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and some Truck Simulators that ran very laggy on his. I still don’t understand his obsession with Roblox. I play with him now and then and it’s fun and all, but it’s not my whole world, lol, especially when he craves GRAPHIX like I do, or simply a change of pace. I am happy my hubby is playing GTA though…gives him something else besides only Minecraft.

Just that my son had wanted the XBox SO HARD…always asking, shaking presents to see if it was in one, asking santa, and always talking about it…but once he got it he played it the first and second day with all the games we got for it (except GTA) and hasn’t really gone back.

The only issue I can see he has with it is that he does not get to play it on the big screen tv we have, which he was very upset about on Christmas. I have all of the HDMI ports taken up on it, one of those being for my Switch, which I play quite often. I debated giving him the big TV and me using the smaller one, but I wanted to see how he played with the XBox first. Well, after his thankless outburst and the fact that he hasn’t touched it for about a week now, that answers that. Granted the xbox tv is just 20 inches, and the big screen about 48-50 inches, but we were not going to buy a new tv just for the xbox right now and his PC monitor is 17 inches so it’s still a larger screen than he is used to playing on. He NEVER uses my Switch (although I would let him) and only played on it once along with me playing Mario Kart, so it’s not like he is used to playing on a screen of that size and now has to submit to something smaller. We did have about a 32 inch tv we could have used but it’s crappy and has some bars and dead pixels on the screen, which we have in our bedroom and use for news, weather, or mostly just noise when we sleep. I figured he would want a nice quality tv, which was the guest tv 20 inch. Best we got as a spare.

We do plan to update our current tv to about an 80-some inch, but not right now…sometime later in the year when the prices come down for last year’s season models, and then we thought we could give the xbox that tv of course. We did come across a nice 81 inch 4K Samsung for $2,500 but we are kinda holding out for an 85 inch. I know that sounds crazy but…after having gotten used to a projector for movies, we love it like that.

I am just as baffled as you are why he doesn’t gravitate to both the PC and XBox. Most of his friends are console players mainly, and his cousin, who only had a laptop before and an xbox 360, got a PS4 for Christmas and hasn’t been on his laptop playing with my son since, and they used to play daily together Roblox and Minecraft.


You should try to introduce your son to Evolve, Titanfall 2, Dead by Daylight, and Friday the 13th when he gets older.

At least he could try and guess lol. When I got my PS4, my stepdad hid it until after I had opened my Christmas gifts. What was worse was that it was the sold out Black Ops III Limited Edition with 1TB of space (he actually went to GameStop on day 1 and got it, that must have been hell standing in line). Your son could at least think that he got an Xbox, I had to hope.


I can imagine the ultimate awesome look on your face opening that! Where was YouTube when you needed it? hahaha.