Do I want an XBox One X?


I was pretty settled, but now not so much. Perhaps, even though he wants Forza, he would be more interested in his original desire…a gaming laptop. I could find something for around $500 that could run the new Minecraft and find other car racing games. After all, no matter what there’s at least $500 to be spent between the console, controllers, games, etc. I wonder…maybe we can re-built his rig for $500? Unsure on that…the motherboard is always such a bottleneck and it may just be too dang old and the monitor by today’s standards is very weak.

I just installed my old baby Need for Speed: Most Wanted…man, I rocked that back in the day, such fond memories (kinda want to install it now myself, heh). Dug up the disk and activation key and right now he’s giving it a whirl. Lets see what he says. If he likes that he may very well dig the other versions his PC can’t handle right now, and we can go from there with thinking about finding a laptop within the $500 range (as crazy as that seems, he is just 9 after all). Any new decent PC will top what he has now…

Rock on bros!


I’d either see if you can update his PC, or get the Xbox setup. I don’t think you’d be able to find a laptop in that price range that would offer the same performance of the Xbox One S.


I’m late, but so much this. :point_up::point_up_2: :point_up::point_up_2: :point_up::point_up_2: :point_up::point_up_2::point_up::point_up_2: :point_up_2:


Agree with skills. Laptop world has no dictionary meaning for “reasonable pricing”


I agree with skills as well. I’ve looked into buying a gaming laptop before and still settled with a gaming desktop PC because it offered higher performance for much less.

An “ok” gaming laptop is about a 1000 dollars I believe, a “good” one is about 1500-2000 dollars. Although I would never trust a gaming laptop since you can’t modify it while with a desktop you still can.


I agree with Skills, as several others seem to. Have read the whole thread through and, having had experience on every console since the N64, I believe an Xbox would be a better investment than a gaming laptop, not just because of price. It also fills the roll of being kind of the party system or couch co-op stuff for your son and friends. Also: Halo. I would buy an Xbox solely for that series, had I the cash to do so.

TBH most of the popular games are on both console and PC. It’s unlikely that normal browsing would net you something on console you won’t find somewhere on Steam or something, and vice versa. Mostly it’s just small games and indie titles that tend to be console/PC exclusive. Forza, Bloodborne, and a handful of other games are kind of exceptions there. (Though playstation and Nintendo have a bunch of originally foreign titles under their respective belts, being that they aren’t US-based)

Not always true. You can build a gaming laptop to be modified when you need it to. Though that’s still twice as expensive as a similarly powerful PC, and the parts are harder to find and replace when you need them.

That stuff, along with the myriad of issues laptops generally have (problems with temperature, easy breakage, and getting things spilled on it). I wasn’t a klutz as a kid, but I would not trust myself at 9 to take care of a potentially multiple thousand dollar piece of equipment. Overall, I do agree. Gaming laptops are not recommended unless you really want to burn cash on something that’s gonna break in 3-4 months anyways.


Been looking all about on both sides…one minute I feel convinced and the next, not so much.

Been eyeing this as the most…“worthy” gaming laptop I can find for the price that isn’t refurbished, but still not convinced:

Also, the Black Friday ads are coming in and a XBox One S is selling at Best Buy for about $190…no game included but has a standard white controller. Nothing really on the game-capable laptop front.

I am also looking into upgrading his rig, but I am finding that that most likely will run over $500.

I am interested in Monster Hunter Worlds, personally, and the 4K Blu-Ray capability of the XBox One…S and X both have this.


Only thing I’d use a laptop for is watching shows/listening to music when I’m not at my desk to do it. That’s just me, but I came to that conclusion after my own bit of research when I was starting my dive into the Master Race some years ago.

As for upgrading his rig, that only costs so much because it is so old. You’ve got to replace basically everything, so it’s really just buying a brand new PC altogether.

I really hate to admit it, but Blu-ray is 100% worth it. I hate being a snob about it, but god damn if I don’t love my PS4’s Blu-ray player. I’m a movie guy, and it’s a godsend. Regular dedicated Blu-ray players cost a couple hundred, so might as well get a console that does both for almost the same price anyways. 2 for 1.


We have a dedicated Smart Blu-Ray powerhouse with enhanced like…everything. It was about $700 bought a couple years ago along with our TV. No regrets! Except already the technology is leaning on 4K so…I see where this is heading. We are very serious about our movies too which is why we have been upscaling every few years. Personally, I see the differences in screen and graphics quality over other people, and recently made a huge to-do about finding a dual IPS screen New3DS to replace the TN panel ones I had purchased. I went through several N3DS’s to get that unicorn…so the notion of the XBone X does make me drool a bit. BUT, the S still has the 4K capability and the price is really sweet. I think if I go XBone it will be with the S…the price point during the holidays would be like buying a Blu-Ray player with the added bonus of it being able to play cool video games, lol.

That’s another thing…my son’s PC does not have Windows 10, so he cannot cross-platform with XBoners. Neither could I since I too don’t have nor want to upgrade to Win10 on this rig due to art program incompatibility. But on XBox this is included. We’d have to start over with a new PC and can’t build one with decent specs for $500, especially when you count having to buy Win10 and a new monitor. It just can’t be done.


Are you using some obscure art programs? lol Everything I can think of is compatible now


My stuff is quite old. I have Photoshop 7 and Illustrator CS2…both of which Adobe doesn’t support any longer. I paid for them back in the day, and have used them for my artwork ever since 'cuz they were expensive and I never felt like learning more programs or upgrading, since the costs are so high and it’s no longer worth it for me to upgrade. I don’t make enough money in art sales to pay back for new programs.


Those should still work on Windows 10 though.
I think for CS2 you would just need to install Illustrator in compatibility mode.

This Adobe person says Photoshop 7 is compatible, too:

But yeah, I get it if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of upgrading lol it’s annoying in itself


What I planned to do, which I never actually pulled the trigger on, was plan to invest in a high end gaming laptop rig and just keep this desktop for artwork and file storage. I still have those plans, just no urgency anymore. When Evolve stopped being supported by 2K it kinda killed the desire, so now I am now hanging out until TRS releases data about their new IP…then I will probably get said laptop.


I can’t say as I blame you. I created a desktop specifically for Evolve waaaaaay back when, and then 2 things happened several months apart and I don’t really need the high end for anything besides GTA V.

  1. My internet tanked for several months, and I stopped being able to play Evolve about a month before they announced T5

  2. Once my internet recovered, no one was playing anymore. Then Stage 2. Then present. Sadness. Fractured Space is the most high end game I play these days (spaceship MOBA, in basic terms)

I don’t feel like I wasted my money because anytime a super good looking game comes out I just cram it in and off we go, but it just feels like I could’ve achieved the same goal for less money now, y’know?




Since he can play with xbox friends through PC, id say go for it.

You don’t have to buy everything at once.Good thing about PC is future-proofing.

For example minecraft can be played by Intels integrated graphics.That means you dont have to buy a GPU right now.You can skip stuff like GPU,SSD,Many gigs of Ram etc for a later upgrade.


My trouble with that is he would need Windows 10 to cross-platform with other friends using XBoxes. I am unsure how or if his current PC can handle that upgrade but I suppose I can look into it. I really need to double check all of his system specs. I believe he has an Nvidia 9800 GTX graphics card. I have a second one I could SLI possibly to help with graphics but he will still need a new monitor I think because it’s so old it can’t show Left 4 Dead or BeamNG Drive currently no matter what rez I change it to, although you can hear the games running.


What OS is his computer currently running?


Windows 7.


The listed minimum requirements from w7 and w10 are the same. Going to edit with link to page i found this on for you.

Please do whatever other research you feel necessary, this is just me trying to help a little.