Do I want an XBox One X?


When it comes to AAA games, they really eat into your Xbox’s storage space. It’s been a while since I last checked, but I think you can have something like 6 or 7 AAA games installed at any one time. If you want to play an 8th, you’ll need to either buy an external hard drive and connect it or uninstall something.

But if you’re not planning on having many games then this shouldn’t be a problem.

(btw, this applies to any games on disks you use too - the game will still have to download something onto the console and use the disk to play)


Some Xbox One X enhanced games can be well over the 150GB mark


That’s just…Wow.


So, if I understand it correctly, your son wants to have a Xbox so he can play Minecraft with his friends right?

But, Minecraft supports cross-platform play right now (or in an upcoming update)…so I’m failing to understand the need to shelf an extra 400-500 dollars for…maybe local co-op?

Even so, I believe it is also possible to play co-op Minecraft on the PC even. A quick google search gives me some results.

P.S. For the record, I don’t hate Xbox or anything. I find it good that there is competition between consoles and definitely find that Microsoft needs more praising for the effort it puts in making the Xbox a worthwhile contender. I just want to make sure that what you pay for is well-invested.


Minecraft will probably be his mainstay but he also wants Forza. I don’t know when Minecraft, or maybe it even has right now, will offer cross-platform…but when his friends do come over it’s a problem because they both want to play Minecraft but they can’t with just his PC unless they take turns…one kid plays while the other watches. He has begged me many times to use my computer, haha…that’s not happening, lol.


Well, Minecraft is on the Switch as well, that would be easier for him to play on with his friends than on the PC.

As for Forza, I believe you can purchase that from the Windows Store and that probably also supports co-op play. Just plug two Xbox One controllers in the pc and you should be good to go.

But hey, if he really wants an Xbox One. Just want to let you know that there are cheaper alternatives.


As far as I know the Better Together Update isn’t available for the Switch yet.
I’m also not sure if the Switch lets you do up to 4-person local co-op like the XB version does since I’m not familiar with the console.

Forza 3 and 7 are both Xbox Play Anywhere titles. So he could technically play with his friends from XB on the PC. If you buy the game from the Windows/XB Store he’ll have it on both platforms and it syncs progress/saves between the two.


His PC is quite old. I’d say it’s around 10-12 years+? One of the issues is he wants to play games that have become a little too demanding on the hardware, and I just don’t see buying a new rig for him. He is using my old rig, which was built primarily to play Left 4 Dead when it was the new hotness. It’s been upgraded a tad since since it can still function with Minecraft and such, but he has lag playing the American truck simulators he likes. I will have to look into it further I suppose but he seems to have no interest in the Switch right now.


Oh, well if the PC is THAT old, I think a Xbox One can definitely be more than enough to satisfy all of his needs. It can be considered a mini-pc after all.

I just went out of the assumption he was playing on a powerful PC, apologies >.>


An external 5 TB hard drive that works with the one is usually cheap around the holidays I got mine 40 bucks lol


Wow that is a good price.


If you decide to get the XB1X, you could probably get a custom Minecraft skin for it.


S is not Scorpio. despite how awesome that name is, the Xbox One X is the Scorpio system. the One S is like Xbox 360 slim, I think. Someone else feel free to correct me.

But yeah, Microsoft decided that Project Scorpio was going to be the in-house name for the One X.

Also, after catching up and reading a bit more, you’ll definitely want to get an external hard drive if you intend to use it and own multiple games, unless you have really fast internet in which case it really doesn’t matter. all you lose on uninstalling a disc game is the updates, and if your internet is fast updates don’t matter.

You do not lose any save data as far as I know when you uninstall a disc from the hard drive, it just frees space for you to use for other games. (I assume it works this way, as PS4 and Xbox 1 seem to be nearly the same console thus far, and that’s how it works with my PS4)


I still have my launch Xbox one I’m playin smite with homies on it now lols… THIS QUE TIME


I’d still be buying the cheapest version of xbox(launch version) and buy a minecraft skin for it.

Every game that is out, or will come out will be playable in all 3 xbox consoles.And in a game like minecraft, the changes wont be so much visible.So buy the cheapest console with the most space.Or just an external hard drive for it.
The upgrade from xbox one to xbox one S is how big the console is,4k blu ray player and stuff like that.Also keep in mind you gonna need a 4K TV to be able to use those benefits of the S or X.

Another thing to add would be, maybe you should wait.By wait i mean less than a month.I’m pretty sure every Christmas special deals go on which are worth the small wait.


Getting close to the holidays Xbox deals get nice this happened earlier today lol



I agree with the overall opinion but just to be nitpicky: most of the advantages of the OneX are visible on 1080p due to: downsampling and the fact that most of the games on the base consoles never fully achieved 1080p all the time without some low-res textures or internal rendering around 900p.


Thanks for the code!


Approximately 10 Lols


Oh yeah my bad, xbox one against X that would be true.