Do I want an XBox One X?


My son, who is a PC gamer like myself and like my hubby, has been trying to come up with his Christmas wish list. The problem is he really has no love for toys, Legos, or such things. His heart is really set on having a gaming laptop, but that’s just not in the cards for a 9 year old. He does like to play with his friends but most of them don’t game on PC, let alone have a PC of their own to use for Minecraft and such. He’s been over to a couple of friend’s houses, and everyone seems to own an XBox, so now he seems to be leaning on wanting that.

I questioned him about the games he wants. I really didn’t see buying a console just to play one game. He says he is interested in playing Roblox, Minecraft Realms, and Forza 7 and maybe Farming Sim. I’m not sure what other games he might enjoy that I would allow him to play because I basically am blind to the consoles (and simply presume most games are meant for adults on consoles). I prefer PC gaming over all else anyway and haven’t owned any consoles outside of Nintendo’s offerings. So I don’t have a clue what games these consoles really have, but he seems to have a decent line up in his head already and seeing as he has been playing Minecraft for several years now and hasn’t tired of it, I can see him using the console often, swapping from his small PC screen to the big screen living room TV.

They do have a really cool looking Minecraft XBox One S edition going for $400. But the XBox One X is going for $500. Both come with one controller, although the Minecraft version of course already comes with Minecraft. Here’s my question…is it worth buying the X for the added $100? While my hubby and I are PC gamers, we may find interest in this too (At least I might with Monster Hunter Worlds). We also plan to upgrade our current TV to something more new in the next year. Our current one is HDTV of course, at about 62 inches. We want to get a 4K HDTV 82 inch. This would utilize the 4K capability of the XBox One X better, but is it really that worth it? Or will XBox release a totally new console or something next year?

A) What would you do? Just buy the One S because it’s good enough, and a bit cheaper with a Minecraft skin my son would like, or splurge and just get the newest thing?

B) Side question…My husband enjoys Minecraft as well. Can he and our son play together split screen if they each had a controller (not on Realms of course but standard Minecraft)?

C) How much would we have to pony up per month in order to play on-line with others? Unlike with PC I know you have to pay to get on-line with consoles.


Well, in terms of the Xbone as a whole, I’m not sure how various things work. But in regards to the online, if the UK prices are anything to go by you’ll likely be able to get XBox Live at about $50/year. So a little less than $10/month.


I can’t see Microsoft releasing a new console for at least 3 years


I’m pretty sure you can have up to 4 controllers


That is totally a worry I do have, that they might just make something new, lol. But, I just found they released the X literally today, what?! so maybe there is time yet heh.

Are you serious right now? So he could have 3 friends over and they all could play Minecraft?



You’d need a big screen to see what’s going on (and confirm that minecraft supports 4 player local co-op) but yep.

Edit:Thanks, Garry.




I guess then I just have to figure out if I get the S or the X. I don’t think my son cares about graphics as much as I do, but if I only dabble with Monster Hunter Worlds, is it worth getting the X over the S? I don’t even need the Minecraft edition really…as I just saw I can get an S for like $280 instead of $400 for the Minecraft edition! I could just buy the Minecraft controllers.



$400 (I can find it for $400):




But is Minecraft going to look this good on the S? (I presume S = Scorpio?)


I would go with the X, also the graphics enhancement is also coming to the S


If the primary user is going to be your son, then I think the Xbox One S would be the best. It still has good visuals, but is cheaper.

However, if you’re going to use the console as well, I’d suggest getting the X1X. I recieved mine last night and I have been playing it constantly with the few enhanced games that I have, and it looks great! It will only get better as developers take advantage of the hardware inside the X1X as well.


I’m completely against the idea of pushing for the 4K marketing façade so I’d buy the cheapest one specially in the case of Minecraft with very low GPU requirements. Spend the ludicrous money difference in extra controllers if he has friends that like going for split screen play time and use the rest for an awesome party full of tasty food :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, I know that your parenting choices are not on debate but don’t fret if he ends up getting into contacts with “adult” games. From experience with a cousin of mine, his mother trying to limit what he could play as he grew led only to him lying and resorting to playing the most violent stuff possible at other houses just because of the novelty. It left me a bit worried for a small period but eventually he became an average teenager with no violent impulses. If anything he lacks the aggressiveness for self defence and is a bit bullied on school.
On the other hand I never had any prohibitions at all and there was also absolutely no difference in personality traits. They are most linked to unfortunately the variables we can’t control on genes and hormone levels but the highest social aspect that influences it is how violent free - physically and mentally - his family environment is so you should be good. :slight_smile:

In regards to 4K for your future TV purchase… I’d say that’s a completely different. I’ve been through multiple console generations and having a gaming PC that eventually became the main rig I can 100% guarantee you the XboneX IS NOT 4K FUTURE PROOF
This has been for every generation. Every console aims for resolutions it is not ready and games are usually upscalled to that number so marketing team can benefit of the claims.
80% or more of ps3 and x360 games run at or BELOW 720p at 30FPS max
Vanilla Xbone and ps4 struggled to maintain 1080p. On a bunch of cases they are at 900p at below 30FPS
PS4 Pro finally manages 1080p sometimes getting into 60FPS. Struggles badly at 4K, the dynamic resolution they advertise can only get to full 4K on very calm passages. It’s the famous "oh I get 60FPS on Crysis… looking at the ground on the tutorial level"
XboneX is stronger than the ps4 Pro but even before the reviews I can tell for sure it is not 4K ready. It’s going to shoot most of the time for around 3k. Why do I say that with this level of confidence? There is simply not the available technology yet. True 4K on PCs are very hard to achieve on most games using two top end NVidia cards that completely ignore the idea of cost vs benefit. Consoles can never say “fuck cost benefit”.
So just like on every generation the ACTUAL resolution the game is produced at is hovering around a bit over half of it’s advertising.

Now, does that mean there’s no reasons to buy the XboxX? Not at all. Look at Garratose. He’s been posting about the xbox one since announcement and by the way he values it probably any increment in graphics will make him buy it because he needs the best of what’s available. That’s like what goes through someone deciding to buy a GTX1080 or a TITAN instead of going for the 1070 which is a clear champion on cost benefits (or even the 1060)

But you are not sure on how serious you and your husby might jump on the xbox wagon, right?
So my two cents are to go for the cost benefit version, see how you’re going to react to the the whole console thing and if you enjoy it than you buy the next console generation which will probably really fully utilising 4K all the time to reap the benefits of your future television.

In general, when dealing with technology, buy the “second best available” on medium intervals trumps trying to be future proof almost every time unless you are very passionate about that hobby and missing out on the best available makes you unhappy


So to play online, yes, you’ll need Xbox LIVE Gold and it’s $59.99 for a year. I usually look online though and am able to get it cheaper and usually only pay about $40 for one year. If I find a great deal I usually buy a couple and then I’m set for a few years. You also can check on the 1st and 16th of each month on the Games with Gold section of the dashboard because they offer free games for download each month.

The Xbox One S is probably what you should get if it’s for your son and you don’t plan to play too much on it. You can get a regular white version for around $250, and you can probably look online and find a Minecraft skin you can put on yourself if you really want it to be themed for the game instead of bucking out an extra $200.

Basically all the games coming out you can play on all three versions of the console, it’s just at different performance grades at this point. The OneS can play certain games at 1080p and 60fps, but it all depends on the game. It also has 4K Ultra Blu-ray and streaming, and HDR support so you could use it as a blu-ray player for the 4K TV you plan to get. And if your TV doesn’t come with apps installed like Netflix, Amazon or YT you can play them on the OneS in Ultra HD (and setup child permissions).

If you don’t care about playing a game in 4K, then get the OneS. The OneX really is for people more passionate about console gaming and want more games at a higher resolution, higher frame rates and much faster load times. Basically a more mature gamer.

Also, I know Phil Spencer has said this at some point, but they’re looking to add keyboard/mouse support for XB consoles so your son could be able to play on kb/m like he prefers with his friends on XB.

This is only 500gb but that shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t plan to have games with giant install sizes on the console. You can always get an external HD for games if it’s really needed at some point.

I would get that and then you have room to buy any different versions (editions?) of Minecraft that he wants, as well as buying the controllers.

I’d also either get a charging station or kit for your controllers, or rechargeable batteries if you plan to play wirelessly. And a better headset than the cheap one the console comes with if he wants to talk in a party with friends online. If you already have a headset for him though, I’d check and you might be able to just get an adapter for the XB controller and use the headset you already have.

I also highly suggest if you want to mount your console and controllers on the wall to clear up space. I use their products and they’re awesome.


I know Minecraft supports co-op (up to 4 locally), and I think all the LEGO games are co-op as well.
I’m obsessed with LEGO games.


The xbox one X offers nothing the base Xbox one doesn’t except the “enhanced” 4K and on my 4K tv they both look exactly the same so I don’t literally see the point


Lego games are the best games


+1 for awesome memories playing the first LEGO Star Wars with my brother on Christmas


Something i should have mentioned earlier, is that the games are ridiculously big


What do you mean by big? They take a lot of Gigs? To be honest, the Switch is the only system so far I have not bought the carts for and am digital only (so far, since I don’t crave a lot of games it offers). On my 3DS, most of my games are on carts but I have a few that are digital I recently purchased. For the XBox I would probably 100% go carts.


Thanks for the input guys. I think I will go for the One S, Minecraft Edition but the white color:

…since it comes with texture packs and such that my son adores. With the money saved I can get 3 more controllers and one or two more of the other games he wants. It only has 500GB and not 1TB though…does that affect performance at all or is the TB more for if you prefer to buy games digitally?

This one at Target looks good for what it offers too and comes with the Telltale game + Minecraft and packs:

I am unsure if my husband will play much, and other than Monster Hunter Worlds, I don’t know how much I will play either…I am phenomenally thumbstick challenged, although I have made it work with great success playing Splatoon. I would be afraid to play Evolve, lol. I like the Blu-Ray 4K accessibility and the S offers that too.