Do i really need to make another Wraith whine thread?


Its been a week since i bought this game and the wraith is still unchanged. Any dev wanna enlighten us whats the deal? Successful game companies listen to their players and fix stuff in a timely manner. If you keep this up evolve isnt gonna be popular for long.

I tried leaving games where theres a Wraith but he is in every single game and it ends in the same way every time, 20minutes running around waiting for him to get stage3, death.

This stopped being fun.


Lol patch isn’t out yet relax.


They are actually running the balancing patch this week in private. Wraith and Cabot are (suposedly) getting nerfs, while Griff, Val, and Hyde and getting a buff



No you didn’t have to make it. People are well aware of Wraith and her current state. The title of this thread proves that there are enough topics about this already.