Do I offend!?

I fell like I’m killing threads. Everybody’s all like “oh look there’s that Radical Scopez guy again time to ditch this thread” I’m serious its happened to like like 10 threads within the last two hours or less.
What did I do? Do I offend? Is it my body odor or my 3rd grade writing skills?

I think you are taking offense for no reason or this is a joke thread that i did not get.

More of a joke thread than anything I think people are just sleeping right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

night (last message for today) :sleeping:

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Go to bed.

Your name is offensive “Radical Scopez”… change it immediately Cod Kid.


I don’t get it. O_o

Get what?

Everything! D:

Anything specifically?

Alright everyone, once @Radical_Scopez Replies, nobody reply, make his own thread just like all the others :wink:

Thanks for replying man that was a close one… Oh no…

My symbol is only on four of those threads. I am ASHAMED of myself. ;-; Although @Shin was only on three. Ha! Suck it Shinji!

I try only to show up where you are Rose. Should have tagged me. :cry:

I was like dead for six hours. Came back and my rose was still everywhere.