Do I need to get another update?


So yesterday, I got on Evolve after a crash and game had to update it was a little over 2 gigs and I’m assuming that it didn’t really do anything or was re-downloading 7.0 maybe. Getting on today, I have no signs of Kala on the leaderboards nor the Elder Kraken, and testing it out, Slims leech gun isn’t automatic and Sunny isn’t nerfed yet. Do I need another update or should I expect it to adjust itself later?


What platform and country are you from?


Xbox in the U.S.


I don’t think it hits xbox until tonight.


Xbox releases at 6pm PST today. I how this helped.


If this helped and you have no more questions, do you mind if I close the thread? :slightly_smiling:


Yeah sure, I was just curious as to why I got an update containing nothing. I knew that it comes out tonight but didn’t know whether I technically had the update or not. Go ahead.


Closed as requested by op.