Do I lose my unlocked Players?


So i played the open beta on xbox and unlocked Tier 2, and 3 but i didnt Made a 2k Account does this mean im not gonna have them @MacMan?

And i bought the deluxe Edition and it says Tier 3 Pack so was this only im the beta or in the final game aswell


You may not have kept your progress, but I’m pretty sure you will still have your stuff unlocked (thanks to the deluxe dealeo).


Well thats good but im gonna miss my elite wraith :weary:


@slashdotdash is correct! Unfortunately if you didn’t sign in with your 2k account, your unlocked characters won’t carry over. Bad mistake on my part! But alas I only wanted to unlock Bucket anyway. :wink:

I’m also certain you’ll get your tier 3 hunters though, so no worries!


I’m not sure if I made a 2K account previously. But I did play the Alpha- did you have to make an account to do that?


No, I don’t recall using a 2k account for the Alpha.


Well shoot. I can see my past beta game videos on the Hunter’s Quest app, does that mean I had an account then?


Yeah you can! And if you signed in with that account on the Xbox One beta, then you could be able to transfer your unlocked characters to the full game!


Mmkay I’ll cross my fingers hoping I signed in on January. I don’t want to lose my Kraken lol :stuck_out_tongue: