Do I have to pay 5$ more because I'm pre-orderer?


I’ve seen new goods on sale in steam an hour ago
those are Deluxe edition and Race edition.

I notice there is something wrong.

I’m a pre-orderer.

I paid 60$ to get evolve about 2~3 weeks ago. cause I was so enthusiastic and really wanted to play this game, when I saw it at first sight. And I’m sure All players in this forum were like me.

but I find that I must pay 25$ to buy a eseason pass and Delxue edition is containing Basic pre-ordered Evolve + season pass.

– Evolve Digital Deluxe(Evolve + Expansion set + savage goliath + Season pass) = 80$

– Evolve Pre-order(Evolve + Expansion set + savage goliath) + Season pass = 85$

“what did I miss?” :cold_sweat:

Developers never gave me a chance to buy Deluxe edition before.

Now Should I pay 5$ more because I bought this game earlier than Deluxe buyers?

I think Developers should discount 5$ for pre-orderers to upgrade their pre-ordered Evolve


Just cancel the old order and buy the deluxe.


other guy told that so :frowning:

it’s not easy to me that way.

English is not my primary language and bank will make me pay a service charge about overseas purchase again… :frowning:


Where did you pre-order from?


No, I mean what store?


Oh. I mean. Steam. Lol. I misunderstood.


GOOD. Alright, you can request a refund on Steam, they’ll return all your money and you can pre-order Deluxe instead.


I believe the problem is that CAIRA will need to put more money on steam wallet or use bank card again because Deluxe is more expensive, but the bank charges for every transaction.


Deluxe is less expensive.


Oh, right, I was comparing to the base game)


Oh, I thought you meant the base game plus Season pass, which is $5 more expensive. My bad.


Then @CAIRA shouldn’t have any problems, I guess.


I just wonder, Savage goliath skin is contained in Deluxe edition too, right?

I’m confused :sweat_smile:


Yes, Savage Goliath skin is included. It’s part of the monster pack.


To be exact, it’s part of the pre-order ^^ until the 10th of february ^^


I send a message to Steam support for refunding. :wink:
Thank you for your support.

I want money back to my Steam-wallet not real wallet(account)…

If money comes back to my REAL account, I should pay charge (almost 5$~6$) again for overseas puchase…



Thanks. :smiley: Time is enough fortunately.


Wait so I was right the first time?


Truly. I’ve just noticed it was the only way :S


You can do it manually and that is what support will tell you by the way :wink: