Do I have to download all the patches


Hi guys, my internet isn’t so great and im just wondering, if i download the patches, do i have to download all of them, or just the latest patch? And if its all of them, how many gb is it in total?


The game will auto update itself. You cant pick and choose what patches to download.


16,726 GB all in all, by the time you download all you need.


Wow, ok. Thanks Shin. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I go to my friends house because that would be too much for my internet!


I’m joking. O.o


Oh haha you got me good! :smiley:
Edit: I thought the comma was just meant to be a dot, so it was 16gb not 16000


Do you actually know though?


i’m gonna assume PC, so if it’s not, disregard this…

i remember a 3.5gb patch on Day 1… i think the next update was around a gig or 2 gigs? T4 patch was 7gb, and yesterday’s patch was just under a gig.

12.5gb at the lowest, 13.5gb at the highest…

I’m also allowed to be wrong, because this is from memory and my memory on patches pre-T4 is hazy… (:


Yeah I should of said im on Xbox one but thanks for that :blush:


Then I’ve got no idea how large the patches you’ll be required to download are…

it should be safe to assume you’ll be within 5gb of what i said… but at the same time, i really dunno. best of luck! i have terrible internet too! it takes 2 hours per gig i have to download D: