Do hunters have 4th dimensional pockets? (Lore)


Do hunters have 4th dimensional pockets? (Lore)

This conversation started to sprout in a different thread and I thought it was an interesting idea to explain infinite ammunition and deployables in the game.
As the 4th dimensional pocket has been used in other works of fiction or games to explain how their characters are able to carry around virtually infinite amounts of gear.

it started with this comment.

and it just rolled from there.

Caira is being forgotten?

Gotta love dat Hammerspace.


Calm down @Galactoid.


What is he talking about?


You’re getting into Galactoid levels of theorizing.


Daisy just picks up everyone’s bullets when we aren’t looking.


Its either 4D pockets or a pocket hard drive that converts anything into data for more compact storage space. Like this in a sense.

Using that technology would allow for most physical items to be stored within a hard drive based on its memory capacity. I expect the process of storing would look like this…

except with the no death part. But either way it could be a 4D pocket or hard drive pocket.


I just figured it was flat space tech a la Ultraviolet. “Number of weapons found…many.”


Don’t ask how. It’s the future.



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