Do Humans in the Future Evolve Timeline stand a Chance against other Alien Races?


Since in the Evolve timeline, it is assumed that humanity has developed interstellar travel and has the ability to colonise many planets outside of the solar system like Shear, but does humanity, as an inferior race, stand a chance against the panoply of god-like alien races in the universe?

Please do not be offended when I say that we humans are inferior, because that is clearly the case, based on my studies of extraterrestrial races based on accounts from alien abductees.

Here are some of the alien races that humanity will face in the nearby regions of the solar system:


Of all the races that humanity should fear, the Reptilians come in as the number one race due to its predatory instincts. Since time immemorial, reptilians have infiltrated the ranks of humanity by being disguised as humans using their shape-shifting abilities. Among examples are Queen Elizabeth, George Bush, Obama, and Bill Gates, who are all without doubt reptilians.

Why should humans fear them? Intellectually they are similar to humans. However there is one factor that makes them really dangerous: their predatory instinct, which has an aggression rating that far exceeds any human. Employing their superior technologies, they use it to colonise and invade native civilizations and make them part of the Draco empire.


Another vicious race that is known for their extremely high intelligence. Having a cerebral capacity over twice that of an average human, even the least smart of them command a cleverness that far exceeds the smartest of humans.

They are dangerous because they have no morality and no emotion, unable to empathise with the pain of human beings, and will use humans as subjects for their numerous biological experiments.


The Iargans are 10 light years away from us, and are the closest intelligent races to humans. Despite being a highly spiritual race with superior technology, they are known to compete for planets using their diplomatic prowess to the galactic council. Humans will face no chance versus them and will as such only get the least favorable of planets, such as Shear.


The Nordics are the only human-like races in the galaxy. Despite being of mostly no harm to humans, they cannot interfere and protect humans from the other races because they abide by a policy of non-intervention, and thus humans must fend for themselves.

So, given all these hostile civilizations, do humans actually have a chance in the Evolve universe?


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