Do Gamma adjustments make the monster easier to find?


I personally do not adjust gamma to be brighter and washed out as I love the game looking beautiful. But I was watching some videos and while a more experienced player would spot a monster better than one not as experienced, do gamma adjustments make the monster easier to find in dark areas? I

I personally consider this cheating, but its “technically” part of the game, just not how the developers intended it to be used. I know there have been many games where people would adjust gamma to see in dark areas with little issues.


I don’t think that will help.No matter the brightness.Well thats my thought at least


The difference between max and lowest gamma isn’t that bad. Normally high gamma washes out colors anyway.


High gamma makes me tear up in my eyes :worried: I dont know how some people deal with it


Not an expert but presumably as everything else will increase too it will not be any easier to pick the monster out.

Then again, it works on inverse, if you have the gamma set too low it will be hard to see anything let alone the monster.

Just pick a normal setting :slight_smile:


I believe a lower setting would actually cause the monster itself to be harder, but the glow might stand out more? Dunno, never really played with it tbh.


I tend to up the gamma a little bit to help seeing the monster in dark places. Old Natural Selection habit…