Do Daisy revives count as strikes?


When Daisy revives a player, does it count as a strike, because if it does, that would be unbelievably annoying


They do, but when Daisy is with Lazarus she doesn’t revive anyone


wait so can daisy revive dead players when laz is not in the team…that kinda would be annoying for monster player


That’s why the monster needs to take out Daisy as well. :wink:


She can’t revive dead players, but she can pick up incapped ones


Daisy will flee if the monster is near her or attacked her. Daisy will however not dodge any of the monster abilities, so you can easily take her out at stage 3.

You can simply move close to Daisy or give her a smack and she’ll stop reviving the hunter and run away with her tail lbetween her legs.


thanks for the clarification Plaff, glad they made you a moderator


Not a problem, man. I’m glad I was chosen :-).

It’s also worth mentioning that Daisy is that extra bit more useful for Val when she’s on the team, since that’s an extra character to revive downed teammates. Val should then have a little more time to focus on being on the offensive rather than reviving downed teammates


She do man, she do…