Do any Wraith players ever take feeding speed perk?


Just curious…I’ve been thinking about trying it but it’s hard to give up movement speed perk. Feeding speed perk just seems like it’s more of a benefit at Stage 1 than anything.


Depends. Feeding works well with Decoy because it allows you to feed mid combat dome. If you don’t have Decoy than it isn’t as useful as other perks imo.


The worst perk for wraith is definitely the feeding speed

Why ??

Because you have a decoy … you can eat while you’re invisible

The best for wraith Movement perk . Damage perk . Traversal recharge . CDR

Depends on your style


He’s not asking for the best perk, he wants to know if anyone ever runs with feeding speed. I occasionally do.


I rarely go feed speed. I generally take damage output. Before Hunt 2.0 I ran move speed.


I generally only run FS on bob because you need to hit s2 for really good chances.

Wraith I prefer Stamina or CD reduction.


Won’t even be useful for that in TU09 :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly, but it’s not now :stuck_out_tongue:


I religiously run feeding speed on every monster. A quick and clean stage 2 gives me a fighting chance later on in the game.


How do you deal with how slooowww Wraith is though? Without the movement speed perk she’s so immobile.


I like feed speed on all the monsters :frowning:

It’s more of a quality-of-life thing. At least, for me.


Feeding Speed is such a hard counter to Lazarus, I love it. I pick Feeding Speed a lot, helps get to stage 2 ridiculously fast, and to run off, refill armor, and come back to engage the Hunter’s before they have time to fully heal.


Im wraith main and i litterally only play with Movement Speed… On Arena sometimes with Cooldown reduction with an more aggressive build.


Yea, even smell range and climb speed are better perks for wraith…



I will take feeding speed if I think the medic is going to be Lazarus. I really like smell range for Wraith it helps set up ambushes


i would love for smell range to be a useful perk. the buff is great help sometimes but the perk just isnt good at all.


I use to a long time ago (3 months)


I used to pick it, back when I used Decoy and even then very rarely. Now that I barely use Decoy and play way more aggressive, I will take either movement speed or traversal cooldown.


Good for making Lazarus cry.

Similarly bringing it on Behemoth to eat behind a wall can be useful - I’ve actually had some success with it in Arena.


Feeding speed or armor regen are wonderful perks for wraith, especially if you forego decoy or you like to constantly engage the hunters.

Those perks make fleeing unnecessary and transform the monster into the hunter, at least how I play.