Do any other Goliath players have response issues?


I always played as Goliath on PC and Xbox, Always had the same issues with pressing button 3-4 time to get a response and by then it does be too late, Tried flame thrower there and took a good three seconds of tapping to get it and by then the hunter was out of site and that was the end, just would have take flame and he was dead, not saying I would win the match but geeze every little helps.

Also experience going up steps very slowly, try jumping over them and too close to steps you lose the jump, running up rivers you jump trying to escape and hit a rock with your jump and dead.

playing a silver skilled team, playing them now a couple of time even though hunt is supposed to be random, It seems when Im being chased with no life I can find even 1 thing worth killing and then when Im full I cant get past the heard of striders in the way, There has to be something in the background that makes the monsters flee more desperate like the fact that its mainly creature that give 1 bar that set off birds, so killing those monkey thing and eating them you have a better chance of setting off birds than if you kill and eat a mamoth bird that gives 3 bars.

I played on barracks I think it was and I frequent the same area for food, not desperate I see mamoth birds usually 2-3 together or close and when desperate the strider spread out, other times I am full and everything runs away but blocks the path in front of me for a bit, It seems feast when Im full and famine when I’m starved.

Is it just me Imagining this or does this actually occur? might just be murphys law or somethin, cheers,

Does anyone have a link to where I could maybe find wild life density spots?thanks


I have to press buttons several times to trigger abilities too.

I think it’s due to lag and the fact that Goliath is often stuck in his falling animation because of terrain.


well thats something that needs to be fixed, Hunters just have this issue when they work as a team, I tried running and then at times I press leap smash but at that key moment he doesnt do it, by then the opportunity is gone and it tend to happen more than once depending on maps, Its like when you jump and rub shoulders with a rock or tree and it stops him dead, Fair enough if it slows him but it near enough leaves him beside the tree,

This lag issue I always notice more when I’m trying to use the abilities smoothly, but when trying a combo it tend to screw up, I hate when it happens against Val, I attack and attack and she’s fast and she got less than 10% life left but fire breath doesnt work at that key moment and gives her a couple of seconds to refill her life bar, so fire breath not triggering when the button is first pressed just caused me to chase her again to kill her all while I am trying to fend off everyone else.