Do any other Behemoth players dislike Tongue Grab grabbing bodies instead of hunters?


I wish they would just remove grabbing bodies all together and only target something living. I would be fine with not being able to move bodies if I wouldn’t grab a body instead of the hunter that I’m after. How do other Behemoth players feel about Tongue grab grabbing bodies?

It is a real nightmare fighting hunters in an area with lots of dead wild life.


I find it irritating if I can’t currently use Rw to eat the bodies to get them out of the way.


Mother of God I hate this.


Agreed completely. It’s like how Laz can revive wildlife: totally pointless and only frustrating.


I was just thinking about this same suggestion yesterday haha, it’s awful


Pointless and frustrating, yes. Completely hilarious when Laz resurrects a Tyrant instead of you and completely dumps in his pants? YES. I have seen Monster players just completely give up at that time (granted we were all friends).


It’s almost as bad as trying to abduct hunters when there’s wildlife in the way =[


So I wanna say we fixed this for the next patch. I need to verify it though.


I still remeber that game on Distrillery in Hunt 2.0. I was playing as Behemoth (my main monster) against a premade.
At 10 min mark when they had 2 strikes and medic and 1 on support and trapper and I only 1.5 bars of health left so I hided in caves to evolve, but they had Crow so they followed me and killed Tyrant in a little water pool near entrance to caves (was albino).
I still can remember Laz rushing to Tyrant’s body when I started snatching it to caves with tongue grab, but fissure scared him of. Then I blocked entrance with rock wall and ate buff.
I won this game with 0.5 bar of health left so we can say that abilitie to grab bodies saved my ass right there.

I want it to stay.


I don’t necessarily mind when it grabs a dead hunter body… But it does become incredibly annoying when your tongue grab goes off on a reaver corpse, instead of the hunter behind it; dead or alive.

Though I’ve come across instances where I’m hiding in a dome and the tongue grab allows me to gain some armor, after having lost most of it to fighting. Basically I can see both sides of the spectrum.

Maybe it would be more convenient if hunter (bodies) gained priority over wildlife?


Yeah this is horrid. Drives me nuts every time it happens.


Actually not useless, killing an albino and reviving it removes its buff from the revived version AFAIK*

  • AS FAR AS I KNOW… >.>


Actually can you make it prioritize Hunters over bodies instead of removing the feature?

I like to pull bodies under things to help avoid birds…


No it only means that YOU can’t get it again.

If you kill an Alibino Sloth for Bonus Damage and have it revived then yay you get the Buff and you save it for the Monster way later. If you kill it again you can’t get it a second time while the Monster who missed it the first time gets a chance to kill it and eat it for the Buff.

I tried this once… that was my result… a surprised “Oh fuck we can’t get it again!”

Few minutes later

Monster has Damage Bonus


^ This. Being able to pull bodies is one of the things I really like about Tongue Grab. :frowning:


I don’t mind being able to. But it would help if it did Priortize live hunters. Many times it has cost me a fight by grabbing the wrong thing.


The perfect fix is it prioritize anything living over anything dead instead of the first thing it hits. But if there has to be a sacrifice I would gladly exchange not pulling bodies at all in order to pull hunters.


Yeah, being able to grab bodies with Tongue Grab also helps is a fair number of anti-Laz plays. like 90% of them don’t expect it and start running around like headless chickens when you pull a body away from them.


it screwed me over in abduction wraith by getting stuck on the wall last patch


Had a moment where I was mid-rezzing a dead Sunny and the Behemoth went to snag me.

Instead he snagged Sunny and pulled her body…

I finished the Rez and she was back in front of me with a confused Bruhemouth looking at us funny.

He was a salty little Munster…