Do any monsters acutally like OverPowered?

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I don’t have much to say on it really I think it’s incredibly hunter favoured and wondered what the public consensus was about it.


Im a Monster main, and I agree completely that right now that map is far too Hunter favored to give it a fair rating. But, I will say ‘Meh’ because I love the idea of the map. It feels very arcade-like and a lot of it’s fun comes from that. The Devs have said they are looking into it for balance, I made a post about it a little while ago and got a nice response pretty quick:

So after a fix-up I think coming back to review it again would be a good idea.


Yes, though it’s a shame that there’s only really one strategy for the map right now. That strategy is to get down towards the blitz leopards near the beach and then just start eating all the buffs. then when you have 3 or 4, turn back and go and assault the hunters who shouldn’t have more than 1 or 2 buffs of their own by this point.

This is where as a monster you get your advantage, you’re a very strong stage 1 at this point and the hunters don’t have a lot of extra to battle you. Blitz them and get some strikes.

Then… have fun basically, you should be able to escape them at this point with the greater quantity of buffs, and get yourself up to stage 2 and find an ideal build for you. Hunters are going to be difficult but at the same time you’ll be able to really damage them when you get to them too.

Unlearn what you have learned, and choose to just go with the flow, and it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Edit: I do think it’s hunter favoured, and I think this is because the jetpack thrust and reload is on the same perk, as well as the values needing a little tweaking… but anyone expecting a “fair” fight hasn’t really grasped what the map is about :stuck_out_tongue: You’re trying to out “unfair” the other team


One of the 3 Perks they need to look into is the Utility perks

If you have 5 utility perks as a hunter as a Trapper :trapper: or any other hunter :assault: :medic: :support: the Monster WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EAT AGAIN,since utility perks give Jetpack recharge speed and more jetpack “Dodge Thrust”,i always go for this combo when playing on the map except when im playing as assault :assault:


This is true. So annoying. That map is a keyboard breaker.


Wraith is ridiculous in this map.With 5 red buffs you can warp blast every 4 seconds or so


I like having 5 yellow buffs as Gorgon and play Sky Gorgon with infinite Traversals :slight_smile:


“You are leaving the territory”


Just dip down once in a while :slight_smile:


Bloody Territory Leaving thing :griffin: ,i can’t use a special spot i use to Hyde from the hunters on that map when playing as gorgon :slight_frown:


I can’t stand it.


See I have found that the Evovle Updates work like that in reception…

Stage 1 : Nah
Stage 2 : Meh
Stage 3 : Yah

I am currently in stage 2 on my way to stage 3.


Yah you know. . the CEILING boundary… that’s a bunch of traversal BS right there @MaddCow
Not even needed. What is it a fix for anyways? a few high fliers?

Well I am telling you, sometimes you need to just get up in that canopy to get away from those #BloodThirstyMedics.

They shouldn’t just strip away mechanics… @Shirley, you just cant have that big of an issue to create that boundary you know?


More than 70% of all Hunt games I’ve had, all the first monster choice will leave. Then the slot gets filled by some poor soul who gets stuck into our lobby. XD
In Co-Op people keep voting maps until they get it and they rekt the poor bot monster in one dome. XD

Legit though I think the mode might be more enjoyable for most of the monsters if the buffs doesn’t take fucking forever to spawn. Having only one or two buffs found where hunters would already get a full set by the time they catch up to you is infuriating. I’ve memorized the buff locations


I haven’t played this map as much as I wanted to… I really wanted to try many many new combinations on it, but can I only consistently get it on training and training doesn’t count for anything.

What I can say for sure is… Don’t get Behemoth. All its technical issues aside, Tongue Grab will be wasted with one or two utility perks on the Hunter’s side, and most of your abilities can be avoided in the same manner.

The Grounder perk is very important on this map, exactly due to the heavy movement bonuses the Hunters get. As Gorgon, I’ve felt powerful, but not so much with the other Monsters.

To sum it up: I love the concept and I’d very much like to play more of it, but it needs plenty of adjustments. I fear the map whenever I’m playing Monster, but I enjoy the experience.

There’s one serious issue with it though… The elite perks, especially the damage perks, have a tendency to cause the evolution bug where the Monster gets stuck in the skill point attribution screen. That’s been the greatest bane I’ve had with it.


Thanks everyone for your feedback!
The team has adjusted the amount of time when the buffs spawn. The buffs will spawn ten seconds sooner than they did before. This change will be in 2.07 :bear:
Also, I hear someone has found a new path in the map that helps the monster :wink: