Do alpha players get the game?


Hey guys,

I contributed to the Alpha, and then got the closed Beta for free.
I contributed with that too.

Now the game has apparently come out I do not have access to the game.
If I am meant to have access to the game then its odd because my steam just
says “Evolve - Update Queued”, with a big purchase sign when I click on it.
If I am not meant to have access to the game… well… why? If some one pays
for the alpha, surely they should have access to the complete game, right?

I am kind of confused on what is going on, I have been waiting for the full release for a long
time now and I cannot play it, despite the fact that my alpha was payed for.

any kind of reply that is in anyway to do with this would be much appreciated.


The Alpha and the Actuall game has the same code or something.That’s why you have it in your library.#JustSteamThings.

But in order to play you must buy it

What???What the hell did you pay for the Alpha?


Wait, you payed for the alpha? It was to my understanding that you just obtained a key for it somehow…


I doubt you payed anything for Alpha.

But to answer your question, no, Alpha and/or Beta testers do not get Evolve for free.


Wait, did you buy a key to Big Alpha from some dude?

Sucks to be you.
You don’t get anything.
Big Alpha was open to almost everyone who wanted to get int.
Beta was open to anyone.

Retail version you have to buy.


Luckily, I myself did not pay a thing. I watched some boring live streamer for 3 hours and then he gave them out. I was under the impression you bought the keys.

Yeah screw that then, looked forward to a game for ages and then realize I have to pay an insanely high price for it? nah.
If the prices were to be lowered, A LOT more people would buy it, but its clear they will be keeping prices high to get maximum money before lowering them.

Annoyed I went through the effort to make a positive review for this now.


Of course you do. If you play the free Alpha and the free Beta, you get the game free!!


It’s $45 man. Shit.



Pretty sure you can just replace the forum with this .jpg.


A score of single player games with not much more than 8 hours of playtime come out at $59.99, but suddenly that price point is an act against god when Evolve releases.


For so sayeth, the Lord, Youtube and /r/pcmasterrace.


It was an unhealthy mix of ignorance and shattered hope. but I have to admit that collection of replies just made my day. good job sir.


We’ve all been there, dude.

Anyhow, hope you change your mind. It’s going to be worth every penny.


Because Evolve is the first AAA multiplayer game that had Betas before being released at 59.99? Stop with the cringey analogies. This game was never advertised to come free with Alpha invite. This game was never advertised as F2P.

Oh, I get it it’s opposite day. I hate opposite day! It’s terrible!


Wow, an entire $60 for a game. Shocking. That’s never happened before. It’s $45 from GMG if that helps your poor little wallet.


Me too, game was AMAZING, and looks even BETTER now!
but I don’t want to pay that so I shall wait for prices to drop =3
(plenty of reasons why prices will drop but I dont have the time)

Well thanks to everyone who posted USEFUL comments,
cannot be asked to reply to the others.


Dude, you put the wrong author for the quote there. Notice how OP (who said it) isn’t me.


Wait, so you actually are so entitled,that you feel that because you (and thousands others) participated in the alpha, then you should get the final version of the game for free?

What? Why?

Wow. How old are you? 12? Because an adult would never think this way.



I got the key of some one else, who said that they had payed for it.
This gave me the impression that everyone else had also bought the key.
because of the 2 facts above I thought it to be odd that people payed for the keys and didn’t get the game.
and ofc if the above was true that would be very bad.

I suggest getting more information on the subject and what I thought before posting something so immature.