Do adaptations have their own background stories


I would like to know if adaptations have a background story like wasteland Maggie if so please tell me


They aren’t canon so there isn’t any background story to them.


yea by being “non-canon” it allows them to be flexible in designs without affecting the story. if anything the monster versions would be easier to make canon, but there’s no sign that they will be.


Rogue Val I remember someone said that was her in her CIG9 operation clothes @Matthew


False, as said by the above posts:

Rogue Val, Tech Sgt. Hank, Wasteland Maggie, Blitz Markov, Meteor Goliath, Elder Kraken, etc.

Are all non-canonical and therefore have no backstories.


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No I will never


You forgot a period at the end of your sentence!


I think in the future we’d want to spin a story around each adaption. I think it’d really help them feel like a whole new character so I think we can look into it :slight_smile:


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You can have an AU Fiction. this way it can remain non-canon towards the primary story, but we will still have a background story for the adaptations. like Wasteland Maggie could be the result of Maggie and daisy being unable to escape factor after 2 years and ended up on factor for 5 years or longer.


I always enjoyed seeing the Adaptations as results of time spent after the initial Fall/Evacuation of Shear.

For example, Hank seems to be running his Orbital Barrage supplies a tad low, and though Abe excels at finding things for the crew, that sort of ordinance is still hard to come by, but luckily the Orbital Laser in the Evac game was saved, and was able to utilize that in the Barrage’s place.

Things like that. Fun to think about, if anything :stuck_out_tongue:


actually, if you look at some of Hank’s dialogue, i believe he mentions already owning an orbital drill.


Not really, but I kinda like to make up my own. Such as elder kraken. I like to think that if a kraken has lived long enough and had enough experience, they close their 4 eyes, and open up a single eye in the middle of their head, allowing them to alter lightning into a more dangerous form.


I like to think the hunter variations are their past versions if themselves. Val in her CIG9 uniform, Mags hiding on Factor, Hank with his mining gear and Markov has his eyepatch desire he got it upgraded to a robotic eye.


JkJk but really. That confuses me.


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