Do a free weekend on steam please


Me and my friend spent 4 hours playing last night together, and only actually ran into 2 other players all night lol.

Could you do a free weekend on steam or something, maybe get more people into the game…



I don’t think a free weekend will be a good idea. The game isn’t rocket science but the time people will have to play on weekends won’t be enough to get the full flavor of the game. Then there’s the skill ceiling. XD


But it might bring more people in, after they’ve got a taste of what Evolve’s like


I approve of a free weekend… Once all the current bugs are removed.


But I like Slim.



Nopes. It will create more threads such as: omg game is dying; omg game has been launched a month ago and already free; omg pls release f2p…

And so on, you get the idea.


Maybe when summer time comes they could make it Free Weekend.


Closer to 5th Monster release I guess.


Its still far to early for a free weekend. But later on i’m absolutely sure something like that will come.

I’d even vote for a free (permanent) demo like T1 Hunters and Monsters when the time has come,i.e. in 6-12 months or later depending on playerbase and sells. You’d gain there surely a lot of people out of it too then.


All I know is when me and my friend try to play every night, about 70% of the time matchmaking stops and puts us into games all alone.

I don’t know if it’s lack of players or just a bug, but it’s making it really boring to play.


Its a good idea tho, but this game has a steep learning curve, unless they are really interested in cont learning/playing, after being stomped by experienced players.

Lots of players will quit the game after few matches vs level 40( experienced ) players, followed by posting monster/hunter OP thread.


They’d be dropping in at level 1, so they’d only be facing people like them. A free weekend is a great idea I’ve advocated before, but might not be appropriate yet.


Might just be lack of players in your tier. What I tend to notice is that by the time the game is over, we have a full lobby.


I am in full support of a free weekend or even a free week event. This way people have no excuses to trying the game for themselves and not just listen to horrible YouTube reviews dealing with DLC crud. They can get in game for themselves and see what it’s all about.


Read my reply somewhere in this topic and you will soon hate that idea :wink:


sigh you’re probably right…it’s probably too soon for this. I just so badly want more people to enjoy this game like we do. It does seem like Evolve can do no good at this point…everything they do do is twisted around to appear bad somehow. But I agree with you, that probably is how it would go.


Wouldn’t there be some truth to that though?

I can’t get into games most hours that I am awake now, well I can get into games just matchmaking never finds like anyone for me.

Then people say that said problem doesn’t exist and it frustrates me to no end, I had to stop playing over it.

If I recorded myself trying to get into matchmaking to show the problems I am talking about would that help at all?


I do think its a good idea at some point, same with perhaps having weekends where you can try out the new characters.

The game got such a bad rap people didn’t want to give it a chance just because of what they heard from reviewers.