DLC's Gone

Wow. SInce I downloaded the newest patch, some of my skins and dlc’s are gone. Fix this please. <3

Calm down. This is certainly an issue but you didn’t need to curse in the title.

Change your tone, now.

What’s up with the “F” word? -_-

Chill out.

changed it :wink:

whats the frostbite skin?

Thanks. I know you’re upset but don’t gotta be that aggressive.

it’s a skin that every svolve player got.

I’m not aggressive to you but I hate it when my skins are gone and the game is bugged.

Much better O.O

<3 :smile:

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Maybe more information would help? :smile:
What platform are you on?

Lol yeah but getting angry is general doesn’t help anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

PC. <3 :smile: :wink:

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I know :smiley: <3

Try unlinking and linking your my2k account.
It’s weird that no-one else has reported this.
Hopefully it is only a temporary thing.

ok. I try.

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doesn’t help.

I don’t really know what else you could try, but it is more than likely related to the patch so others must be having the same issue. Hold tight, hopefully it will be fixed soon.