DLC Team "Themes"

So I think I have noticed a pattern here but feel free to jump in if I am mistaken. I noticed that it seems each of the DLC teams that get released all fall into a “theme”

T4 seemed to be the outcasts/recluse team. These were people living on the edges of Society. Slim was hiding out and Crow was in a sort of self imposed exile. Torvald was found by Sunny who was thought to be dead. Torvald and Slim see themselves as so different that they have trouble relating to others. Crow just seems like a loner, similar to Maggie. Sunny is really the only one who doesn’t fit this bill too well. The only possible thing I can think of is how young she is in relation to the others. That could make her a little bit of an outcast, but she actually enjoys people.

So far, when looking at T5 we have Lennox and now Jack. What we know about them both so far is that they were both already on Shear. Lennox built her Thunderchild from scavenged parts and Jack survived on Shear scavenging through the scrapyards. So far both Hunters seem to have been very resourceful and have built their arsenals out of whatever they can find on Shear. Use this info for the speculations!

T4 is the Outcast team
T5 looks like the Scavenger team


This was my first thought as well when I saw Jack. Makes me even more curious for the rest.


You can see it in the other teams too, like most of tier 3 were the first recruited by Cabot minus griff and bucket.
Tier 1 has a personality that’s unlike the other hunters, with griff and Markov being thrilled about the hunt, Val is definantly one of the “perky” hunters and hank is just, well, hank.
Tier 2 is the weirdos of the group, with Hyde being a pycopath, Maggie being a survivor of a tragic incident, bucket is a robot, and Lazarus. Is… Well… Lazarus.

Tier 1=personality
Tier 2=misfits
Tier 3 a.k.a the most ironic=the first recruited

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You switched a couple.

T1 is Val Hank Markov Maggie Teams: Beam Team (Except Maggie)
T2 Laz Bucket Hyde Griff
T3 Caira Cabot Parnell Abe

Team E
= E for Evolve

We’re evolving to fight the monsters.

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Griffin is in team A, I still like to think so as it was there in the pre alpha



Is this true? Was Griff part of Team A or Team 1?

Griffin was originally the T1 Trapper.


No kidding, the more you know!

Originally, Griffin was indeed in the first group of hunters, what we internally call Team A. He was switched to Team B a few months before release for several reasons including but not limited to Maggie being more new-player friendly and easier to learn.

See that’s what I remembered, I didn’t know it was that close though, thanks!

i still consider him A team

kinda feels like shoehorning people into categories to me. Only real distinction that feels natural is teams A/B/C all brought by Cabot and teams D/E (so far) found on or around Shear and brought onto the roster after Cabot’s crew gets there.

I agree with the idea there aren’t really any themes for the first 3 Teams, since they released with the game.

I just find it strange that 3 out of the 4 in T4 were hiding out on Shear and so far 2 out of the 4 in T5 have put together their own equipment to fight the Monsters.

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New robot medic that was half built then forgotten, and so he finished himself?


I like the idea!

I’m telling Toilet

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Whats a pycopath?


No idea
I have no idea what a pycopath is.

Can you find out for me?