DLC skins are boring. Lack of hunter costumes is a deal-breaker


This even goes for the elite skins.

I for one will never buy any of the dlc skins unless the character models clothes/hat/look were changed in some dramatic way. Currently the skins are SO BORING. Weapon and character ability items only re-skinned, it feels so lazy.

Now in the case of monsters, those are fine, it is exactly what anyone would expect.

Your thoughts people…


Thoughts: people want Evolve to contain cosmetics (and possibly want it to go the Hat Fortress Route). I don’t want it to go this way. It can also possibly screw up some balance issues in the visual cues department. As it stands now, experienced monster players (including myself) know the general silhouette’s when they smell a hunting team. If you start adding different cosmetics, it can create confusion and just in general make it frustrating for some players to identify who’s who until the hunters get closer (which can be bad in itself).

Also: I don’t want this game to turn into Hat Fortress 2. Even if it’s cosmetics that fit the theme of the hunters, I’d like it if we remain with good 'ol skins. I’ll leave the cooler looking weapons/models to unique hunters which gives them a flavorful edge. Just like how I love the Griff and his hat <3


I agree skins should change the entire look of the character not just the weapons otherwise it just seems a bit pointless


You never see your own skin in game besides at the main screen.

Sees weapon entire game.

Wants full body skin logic.


Yes because you can only see red outlines with the smell, so what people are asking is probably different colored clothing, which wouldn’t effect the red color you see them in.


CoD, Halo, TF2, ect

All first person, all have those options, so what makes evolve different is the real question. You would see other hunters and they see you, just like in any first person. You could say it’s a waste of time, but I think that’s for each player to decide for himself.


But this is also a bad idea in itself. It can create confusion for players on both sides in general.


I see your point, but there’s a learning curve to every game. I mean would you honestly get that confused if one character had a different armor set? I don’t know about you, but I personally look for giant green explosions and beams to find medics because it’s so dark on the maps and when I find them, I crush them, no matter what color, shape, size they are.

I would adapt, I would evolve.

Now for the other players, I mean the skins don’t set the skills you have, you won’t see Caira dressed like Markov and shooting harpoons, every hunter would still be their role, maybe I’m just used to games that do change the appearance of a character.

Also may I point out that I read all of that before on how it’s too expensive to make skins for them all, but they would make the money back I feel, but a lot of people feel TRS is shady because they literally said we need this money for our families, like it was making you feel bad about not buying them and giving way more than the game is worth. That’s all I heard, not me saying this and it might of been 2k I’m not exactly sure.


Exactly. I’m not saying I want a fucking clown costume or dumb things like that. Keep it professional and cool looking, like a Hyde in Knight Armor would be amazing.

As time progressed you would learn the skin looks and you would still be able to determine the class type via the outline.


No, you’re right, you have some very valid points there. It’s pretty much the same thing in every other game which features cosmetics. It may confused a player initially, but it hardly ever takes any time to know who’s who and what’s what. Not to mention, you’d know immediately that the big burly guy decked out in heavy armor’s going to be Assault. You know that a trapper’s a trapper 'cause they constantly throw out CC, etc. etc.

As you can see, I’m a very stubborn individual whom doesn’t want cosmetics in Evolve. But you’ve proven a very valid point that I chose to forget. Kudos to you :wink:


Don’t worry about it. I don’t really care if they added armor skins or not myself because if I did want them I’d just buy the ones I wanted to begin with and like you just said, it would throw you off a game or two, but I think it would keep you interested longer.

I mean evolve is hunt or be hunted basically every game, so a curve ball might just be the thing to keep you from getting into a cycle of the same old, same old. I want this game to last, but people need small things like skins to keep them into a game and the gun idea is a good start and an age old tradition to most FPS games in this day and age, but by itself, it’s just not enough for some players.


I understand the logic MacMan has when he says they are first person characters. It has and always will be a statement more to how you view yourself when you purchase a skin for a character or cosmetically what you find attractive. That though lingers even if you can’t see you character while also generating further attachment to that character.

I think Turtle Rock is doing themselves and their community a disservice by not actually “skinning” the Hunters as well. For $5 I would say that is fair for Hunter+Weapon skin. Maybe $10 but that is starting to push it.