Dlc season pass?


What happens if I don’t but the DLC Season Pass do I still get he hunters and maps that come out?
Do I just have to work really hard or something?


You get the maps you don’t get the hunters. Unless you bought the digital deluxe or the PC monster race which has the Hunting Season Pass built in.


Like ever? That seems kinda lame…


You can buy the hunters later you just can’t get them free.


All maps are free, hunters cost $7.50 each. you don’t have to get the season pass, but it will save you a few bucks later on!

Also, you can still play with and against hunters you don’t buy, just not as. No community separation will come from future content.


You should be able to get the hunters through some type of ingame currency.
b/c this game will become b2w once they add some type of competitive bs.
Leagues style is superior.


I second exactly what Takran said, and to go a step further you still have to play the game and unlock whats there anyway.

So my advice is to just enjoy what you have and if you decide to buy the season pass great, if not you can still pick and choose as new hunters come out which ones you’d like to buy.

As a reminder there are skins for weapons, and monsters available now on your platform of choice.


This game is balanced and will continue to be balanced the only benefits you get is more choices in how you play.

League style is also immensely cheaper MOBAs are so so so much cheaper than this game.


idk, I feel you could easily sell the characters for cheap and once there are more hunters to play there will need to be more balancing so some hunters will be better than others like there are possibly now. I just feel it would let the game be open to those who don’t want to spend money on the game, but would spend their time playing it instead. This being enough for them to be able to be an equal to those who have spare change lying around…


I’m all for the charging of skins b/c that doesn’t make you a better player.
Having a character does, that separates you and if you are saying the DLC is balanced b/c you can buy it, that’s wrong b/c i personally don’t have the money to go out and buy DLC when they come out and say i were to be into this game competitively i would need to be able to switch between the characters to allow me to be the best that I can be at my role for my team. I i didn’t have the money for the DLC and there was a champion that’s kit helped against a certain comp or monster then I would be screwed b/c I’m at a disadvantage money wise…