DLc rewiews guys!


Someone did a dlc rewiews, what you think about it ?

This is the best video you will ever see

OMG, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at this. It’s horrible I know but damn I was in freakin tears. I like Evolve but I couldn’t help laughing my ass off. I’m a supporter but this was very well done.

Nicely done, 10/10. Very creative.


I like too but i cant stop to laugh hahahhaa ’ free copy of left 4 dead ’ !


Still ignorant tho.


That was seriously AWESOME…

Devs should see this !!!


That was hilarious. Devs its not a slight to you, its a bashing of 2K. We still love you all devs. Especially @GentlemanSquirl (moar stream pls)


What @sgtalec96 mentioned. This was more as a shot at 2K. Too be completely honest I don’t think they are doing TRS any justice. You are amazing and you earned a long term supporter for all you have done for the community from what I have seen and read.