DLC ? Release date?


Has the date for DLC new maps been released yet?


They will release on Tuesday March 31st! :smiley:


For you Xboners >_>


New maps.

If you’re on XBone, it’s March 31st. If you’re on PC/PS4, it’s May 1st. At least I think that’s how it is.


April 30th for ps4 and PC


Thanks, I have XB1


Woo! High-four! :monster:


Ok, so some people doesn’t know how to read XD Hunters & Behemoth DLC come this 31th march on all plateform (PC, PS4 and Xbone). The new maps comes the 31st on Xbone and the 30th April on PC & PS4


Are you saying the people that answered don’t know how to read? He asked specifically about maps.


He did ask about maps, but it’s a good idea to clarify since not doing so is liable to confuse someone.

New maps on Tuesday (31st March) for XboX, 30 April for everyone else.
Observer Mode on Tuesday (31st March) for all platforms.
New Hunters & Behemoth on Tuesday (31st March) for all platforms.


PC Monster Race
Still releases patches 1 month late for PC





New maps month later? Are you * kidding? wtf?




To be honest, the original post was a bit ambiguous, since the DLC for new hunters and monsters is different from the maps update, IMHO. I wouldn’t consider the maps DLC in a commercial sense, nor you have to opt to download them voluntarily.






Has anyone played evole today and had to install a patch ?


It’s cause Microsoft payed to get everything earlier in terms of free content. Paid dlc comes out at the same time for everyone, but free comes earlier from xbox.


PC on Windows it is the same Microsoft. What s problem?


Don’t know, but they get it first. And anyways the player base is still greater on consoles.