Dlc purchased through store not in game, nothing in game won't download


Not sure if store is working


What platform?


PlayStation 4, maybe they are still updating things.


Sorry i’m an Xbox guy. Maybe @Hydrawolf can help? Or point you in the right direction.


Thank you, I will try and ask.


My sister has been having trouble with the playstation store the past few days, it might be due to PSN’s latest update. Try restarting the playstation and Evolve as well (closing the application) if that still doesn’t work then perhaps someone with more experience than me can help.


Thank you very much I will give it time. Watch some movies while I wait. Very excited to play with new characters and behemoth :slight_smile:


Good luck! I’m sorry I don’t know more about this stuff :disappointed_relieved:


I fixed it. I uninstalled application by pressing options at ps4 main menu, put disc back in re installed. Took hour for update and initial boot. But once up all dlc was there. Also no loss of stats or anything out of the ordinary. Thanks a lot for being so quick with responses though. I never had an issue like this so I didn’t know if anyone else was having issues


Glad to see you fixed it.
Happy hunting. :smile:


I’ll close the thread now if you don’t mind :slight_smile: since it’s solved.


Yup thanks, busy playing now finally. Sunny is awesome :slight_smile:


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All solved!