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So, in other words, business as usual. :slight_smile: The bar doesn’t get lowered at TRS!


Dude Lol, you sure don’t mind kissing a little backside now and again do you lol If needs must I guess.

Obviously we don’t know exactly how things are going to work in the final iterations, but just based on what they’ve said about the currently announced DLC has me very nervous. I, for one, am not okay with how companies handle downloadable content and I want to let them know. I thought that Evolve and TurtleRock were supposed to be different. I heard back when the big alpha was going on that maps were going to be free. Awesome, right?! That had me so psyched because the game is a lot of fun, but I could see the maps getting old after a while. Then today I come to find out how the rest of the DLC is going to work…

So, if you pre-order the game, you get the 4th monster free. Neat. But if you don’t? $15.99. Seriously? I would never, NEVER spend that much on something as meaningless as one digital monster. I will be pre-ordering, but the sheer audacity of it has me angry anyway. If you are unlucky enough to not pre-order, you basically don’t get the 4th monster. I thought my friend was lying when he texted me about this today. I never thought a company would try to cheat its fan base like this. Yes, yes, I know; it’s free to pre-orders. If they’re willing to give it away for free to me for doing nothing else but committing to buy the game, why is it so much?!

That led me to wonder, if they’re willing to charge $15 for something that they’ll give you for FREE, what are these other sets of hunters and monsters going to cost? They mention the 5th monster in the announcement for the PC Monster Race edition, so we know that there will be at least one more. Can we assume that it will like-wise be 15 dollars? I assure you TurtleRock, I will NOT be buying it for that price. Even if it’s only $10, it’s one monster. I get 3 (4 for pre-ordering) just with the base game. I don’t even like playing as the monster!

Next let us talk about the hunters. I’ll admit, I have disposable income. I can afford to buy games and their DLC if I want to, so don’t mistake me for someone that is complaining because I can’t afford something that I’m not required to buy to play the game. I also have never purchased a season pass. $50 for CoD maps? Ha! $40 for Titanfall maps? You’re dreaming. I chose not to be cheated. I chose not to buy season passes. Then I heard that the “season pass” for Evolve was going to be $20. “Go TurtleRock!” I thought to myself, hoping that maybe we were moving past this period of game companies treating their customers like crap. I would happily pay $20 for a season pass to a game I am going to really enjoy. It sounded perfectly fair to get all the hunters and monsters going forth. Except wait, what does the season pass actually include? One hunter set. One. Uno. 1. Eins. If you read the description on the Xbox Live Marketplace, for example, it says that the Hunters season pass will include the 4th set of hunters. Firstly, how is that a season pass? I feel like they’re lying. Like it’s false advertisement. It’s just one DLC. $20 for one DLC? My god, I can’t even believe that. I thought I was surprised and shocked and outraged by the $15 monster. Forget that, I’m not spending $20 for one digital set of hunters. There is going to be a 5th and 6th set according to the PC Monster Race announcement. Does that mean I’ll be expected to shell out $20, $25, $30 dollars for them, each. This is starting to sound like I’m on a payment plan. As if spending the $60 to buy the game isn’t good enough. So, let’s just pretend that I am a customer that doesn’t pre-order, doesn’t get this faux season pass, doesn’t do any of that. They’ll have to pay $60 for the game + $15 for the 4th monster + $30 for the 4th set of characters + whatever for those useless skins + a possible $15 for the 5th monster + a plausible $30 for the 5th hunter set + a supposed $30 for the 6th hunter set? A total of $150+ just to enjoy the game. Why not just have a $15 a month subscription fee? That seems like what you’re after.

Now, let’s go back to those free maps. They don’t look so free to me anymore. It’s like we’re being tricked or something. Like we’re being enticed with free maps, but the cost of those maps is just being added on to the price of other things. Honestly, I’d rather have to pay for maps than for monsters or hunters. Maybe that’s wrong, but I miss the days when map packs of 4-6 maps cost you 800 Microsoft points and that was all. Maybe a 400 point add-on here or their but there wasn’t this expectation that parts of the game would be locked behind a pay-wall. Times do change, though. Nevertheless, how is it constructive to say, “oh the maps will be free, but you’ll have to pay through the nose for things that actually affect gameplay”. Now you have to play against the 5th monster on those free maps, knowing that someone willing chose to pay $15 for it. Now you join a game where 3/4 hunters are locked DLC ones that have been purchased. It’s a sad day.

To cut the issue off at the head, I know what the response to this is going to be; if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Fair enough, I understand that no one is forcing me to pay for DLC or to buy the game at all for that matter. To those people let me ask you a return question; are you happy spending 2.5x the price of the game for something that honestly should have just been in the game to begin with? If you are, then obviously there’s nothing more to be said. We’ll never be able to have a rational discussion about anything, let alone outrageous DLC practices. But if that infuriates you like it does me, let your voice be heard!

If you read this far, I implore you, PLEASE tell TurtleRock and 2K games that this is not okay. Please tell them that we don’t want to be treated like this. We, the consumers, have the power here. If we chose not to pay for something, that means there is a problem that needs to be solved. I ask that you not pay such outrageous prices for so little. If we collectively chose not to pay $30 for hunters, the price will drop, I promise you that. The game needs us. If it turns out that I’m wrong, that they won’t be charging such exorbitant amounts, then I will happily redact everything that I’ve said here. I hope they prove me wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

                                                                                                        Someone who wants this game to succeed.
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I think you should read this and see if it helps assuage your concerns.

Nope. Frankly I think TRS/2K have probably the most sane DLC model in the modern PC market. It’s implemented in a way that anyone can get exactly the bits of it that they want, and it will never fragment the community. Compare BF4, for instance. Not only are new weapons and awards and such locked to DLC owners, but maps (and thus servers) are as well.

Do I think it’s a bit overpriced when purchased piecemeal? Yeah, by quite a bit honestly - a brand new campaign complete with characters and dialogue and storyline for BL2 generally runs about 10 bucks, and I remember paying 20 bucks for Shivering Isles back in the day, which added a huge new area and a ton of content to Oblivion. Comparatively, 15 bucks for a monster seems steep. But, that’s why I’m probably only going to be buying the DLC when I can get it as part of a discounted bundle (just like I’ve always done with Borderlands).

EDIT: Honestly I think the only company that’s doing it better than TRS/2K is Overkill, with Payday 2. They’ve released several totally free DLCs, and all their DLCs are pretty well priced for what they offer, they tend to go on sale pretty frequently, and anyone can join a DLC mission - only the host needs to own it. That last bit, not locking anyone out of a game, is what TRS is doing right too.

$7.50 for a hunter really isn’t that much…in most MOBA’s one character with a FAR less detailed model and far fewer animations will run ~$10, with skins ranging from ~$10-$20. You don’t NEED to buy the DLC, at ALL. You will not be gimped/underpowered/held back/at a disadvantage. It won’t even split the player base.

If you liked the game before, why do you suddenly DISlike it for a change that won’t even be affecting you? Just don’t get it.

I’m going to put it at 20-to-1 that you didn’t even read the entirety of what I wrote, since you’ve obviously missed the entire point.

Did you have a chance to read Slabs post? I think it shares some good insight into their train of thought. Also, one of the things he didn’t mention there, is that you are able to play alongside and against monsters of DLC that you don’t own and if they are currently out. You can create a custom game with 3 of the Hunters as the new DLC characters. Once in game, you can hop over to play them for free as well.

Yeah you never actually explained what was wrong with the model, or why any of the announced DLCs should’ve been in the game to begin with. All you really said was that you didn’t like it, to which the only valid response is “well then don’t buy it”.

Why is it bad that you can join a game where other people are playing characters that you haven’t bought yet?
Why shouldn’t the 4-5 maps you miss buying for 800 Microsoft points (which IMO were a much bigger blight on gaming) have been part of those games to begin with?

In Evolve, the characters ARE the game. It’s not like Battlefield play4free or whatever where you have to spend real money in order to get a weapon that’s at all competitive, it really is more along the lines of an expansion pack. To me, just because they announced a shitload of them all at once (which, yeah, a bit tacky) doesn’t mean they should have delayed the game’s release indefinitely until they finished all of them. Frankly, it would’ve been dumber if they didn’t have any concrete plans for post-release content.

I read it, just disagreed with most of it.

“should have just been in the game to begin with” where exactly do you come off as knowing what should or shouldn’t be in the game? They have a budget and time constraints.

You could say they should have finished the 4th monster and released with it. Okay, but the SAME issue would happen with the 5th monster being DLC. He, “should have just been in the game to begin with.” There’s ALWAYS going to be another monster. This game has already been developed for over two years, how long do they need to keep making the game before you decide they should release, Mr. Chaos?

I do think it’s sad that you think appreciation is some form of subservience. TRS has already shown multiple times to me that they have been customer-first and pro-community, and if you’re the type of person who lets good things happen without letting people know, and maybe only bitches when things go bad; that’s your call. But don’t confuse the two. :joy:

Obviously you can’t take a joke, jog on son and get over yourself Lol :wink:

Believe me, if I’m ever laughing because of you, it’s because I’m laughing at you. :blush: “… can’t take a joke…” What a freaking cop out, lol.


Edit: If I hurt your feelings I wholeheartedly apologise.

There is no “should” have been in the game. “should” is infinite. “should” is contextless.

You know what, I “should” be a millionaire, but I’m not. Why? because of STUFF that’s why. Things.

Vagueness, it’s the dark underbelly of language, and I wish we would stop using it to try and sell out points.

The fact is that 1 person can put in X amount of hours to a job they do, and on top of that job Y needs to be done before Z starts. Given that you then have $A in your budget you can work out just how many X’s you need to make sure Y and then Z are done before $A runs out. These guys have spent 4 years making a rounded, balanced, polished and fun game that includes 3 entirely different monsters and a great variety through 12 different hunters. They did this in the time they had, with the money they had. What they are releasing is exactly what “should” be in the game because that is what is in the game.

You talk about rational, I’ve been discussing elsewhere with people making this same point today… if you believe that a game is incomplete because it doesn’t have 100% of the potential things it could have had in it in an ideal world with an ideal budget and an ideal amount of people putting the ideal amount of hours in, then there is only one person who is making irrational statements I’m afraid.

That said, I understand that you might not see the value in the DLC, and I hope there will be sale opportunities to allow you to get it at a price you’re happy with. Hope to cross paths in game some time :slight_smile:

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Man, after the day today of trying to politely reason with people who will first not know what the reality is, and then will skew what a dev has said to try and prove that everything is a conspiracy… I feel a lot of empathy for @SlabOMeat and @MacMan right now. I don’t know how much bullshit you guys have to read everyday, but if it’s ever like having multiple days like this I feel sorry about that. I think it’s like you guys said before, it’s a shame that with everything this game has got going about it that there is a vocal element of the gaming community that have an almost senseless or knee-jerk reaction to it because of things that aren’t anything to do with the game.

Keep making awesome shit, TRS, can’t wait to play!


Yeah, it can be frustrating. @SlabOMeat takes it harder than I do. I am confident in what we are doing though, and how we are approaching things, so hopefully we earn a lot of fans at the end of the day once the dust settles and people see it.


You guys are doing great!

I really admire your work!

Please keep up the great work!

It’s just sad that human nature is to be quiet when all is well and things are done to your liking, but then when things go bad, people explode into a rage and really blow things outta proportion.

I’m kinda proud that I’m the kinda person who will tell someone at both times, (a), “You suck, and here’s why.”, and (b) “You guys rock! I love what you’re doing, keep it up!”

Not a fan of people who only look at the negative.

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“Always look on the bright side of life…”