DLC Pricing


As awesome as this game looks and as thrilled as I am about this game, the only thing stopping me from pre-ordering this game is the lack of info in the pricing of the dlc in this game.

According to the Dev team it’ll launch with 3 to 4 monster and 12 hunters. The question is will future dlc come in a package of monster and hunter or monster or hunter? And seriously, how much would it cost? I read on one of the other topic that it apparently cost a lot for you guys to create a monster, so if a single monster dlc would be priced somewhere around $9.99 it would seriously make me think twice about buying this game. Also, are there any cash shop in the game for cosmetic items, I ask because it seems that 1 of the dlc bonus is a different skin for goliath.

I can understand if you guys can’t comment on this issue because you’re either still deciding or are not able to release such info as of yet.

P.S. I’m not sure if this issue has already been touched on. If so please let me know :slight_smile:


Why wouldn’t you buy the game if the DLC was expensive? You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to


I’m also curious to learn about DLC’s prices …!


We have no idea how much any of its going to cost, or exactly how it’s going to be parceled out. No one here or at 2K does. Purely because there’s still so much left to do on the game.

Taking off my developer hat for a second, I can say that the more popular the game is, and therefore the larger the potential audience for DLC, the less DLC has to cost to generate profit.


@Plaff The problem is I do want the dlc content itself. If it were cosmetic items, a weapons pack or something not relevant to the core experience of the game I wouldn’t care.

However, putting monsters and hunters (who make up the core mechanics of the game) behind a pay wall and charging a hefty sum ( for the sake of argument let’s say $9.99) is something I’m a little less excited about.

P.S. With that being said, I’d still buy this game at launch. I’d deal with that dlc wall when we get to it, but it would be nice to know how the dlc will be priced in advance, speaking as a consumer.


I hope it’s like cod were you get four to five new items/maps in this case monsters and hunters (I think I read somewhere maps are free) for only 15.00$


I’d like to think the DLC wasn’t ridiculously overpriced. I’m not too sure how much $10 is in pounds but for me I’d be okay paying about £5 at the most for a new monster. I just hope a lot of people buy Evolve so we can get cheaper DLC :slight_smile:


If you have to sell DLC I’d prefer if you didn’t sell maps or modes.

Keep everyone in the same map/mode pool for as long as possible.

If you do sell a mode try to go the TF2 route and make it a different experience that caters to a bit of a different audience.


Turtle Rock have already said maps will be free, and you can play against DLC hunters/monsters to prevent the community being divided


I must admit, as much as I love Evolve, $10 would be pushing it for a monster. I’d end up having to wait for a Steam Sale for DLC that’s that expensive.

I MIGHT be willing to do $10 for a monster depending on what kind of monster it is. I think $5 for a monster and maybe $8 for a “set” of hunters would reasonable.


Awesome! I appreciate that they’re doing that. It’s similar to Guerrilla Games also passing out maps for free. It’s clever, as it doesn’t plaster a giant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4UfAL9f74I&feature=youtu.be&t=0m07s sign in front of the content that players eagerly anticipate for.


I think for every dlc they will give one monster, and another character for each class. A solid price would be 10$


I’d be happy with $15 for a set of hunters, a new monster, and possibly new perks


Not to mention possibly getting new skins or holiday skins with the DLC? :smile:


Watch out if there’s a fire sale on the game itself. So far I’ve been 0-2 with titles and the both where cheap on steam before release.


I hope with all my heart that the cost of the DLC is not too high. I also hope the game is not incomplete because the launch day, have another Battlefield, it would be a shameful thing.


Hopefully they do listen. For 4 hunters and a monster I won’t pay more then $9.99 but even better if they offer a season pass which gives a discount or makes it free.


I’d still be happy paying $15 for 4 hunters and a monster. That’s $3 a character which is more than fair, but yes, I want season pass


I know this discussion has been going around for a while. I just want to say that Evolve will ship as a complete game that can stand on its own without DLC. We didn’t cut anything out to try to part you from more money. You all have interacted with the devs pretty substantially through these forums and I think you know that’s just not our personality as a studio.

Phil and Chris and the rest of the team were working on Evolve and knew they could only do so much work in a set time frame with the funding they had. The selection of Hunters and Monsters they decided to launch with was designed to stand on its own as a complete AAA $60 game. Getting the go ahead for creating DLC was as exciting for them as I hope it will be for you guys because they get to share even more creations with you that they initially thought would never see the light of day. In creating Evolve many Monsters and Hunters were concepted and considered. If the game is received as well as we’re hoping, we look forward to bringing you more and more content down the road - not because we want to take all your money, but because we want to share all the crazy stuff we’ve thought up.

I hope that answers some questions and you guys feel a little better about Evolve DLC.


But we all know there will be extra shiny toys.