DLC Price Discussions Revisited


First of all, I do not want to start some kind of “war” or a fight. Now to my topic, the Evolve DLC prices are way to high. the prices are (according to the Evolve store) everything is $7.49 and the monster is twice that. The season pass is $25 and the total price of the monster and hunters is about $45 but still, COD is about $15 but its for like 4 maps, new weapons, new modes ect. This gives us 2 hunters or the 1 monster, I say that isn’t a great deal at all. If COD let us have just one thing from their DLC, it would come to about $2.14 a piece. compare that to the $7.49 DLC that has only one thing offered. Oh and since we are talking about DLC, there is also the skins for all the hunters and monsters, that isn’t needed. Now to sum all this up, I wish you lower the prices for your game, I do not wish to spend too much for DLC that offers one thing. Thank you for the time that you spent reading this and wish you a good day.

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Don’t buy them. Problem solved.

ETA: COD has a MUCH larger player base to market DLC to. Furthermore, it’s only ever maps. Are there completely new characters with completely new load outs? Apples/Oranges


have fun with COD. pfff


Have you ever looked at battlefield dlc prices?


Yes, the BF4 prices is $15 for the DLC but if you look at the details it gives us about 4 new maps, new vehicles, assignments, shall I go on. My point is that yes, other games also has huge prices but what they offer goes with the price, We are looking at $15 for about 20 (counting the details of what it offers) things while Evolve offers 1 thing for their huge price.


Players be complaining about evolve DLC prices and then there’s people buying virtual spaceships for thousands of dollars for a game that isn’t even a game yet (cough Star Citizen cough) or a new heist in payday 2 for 6 dollars.

The amount of work and personality that is obviously put into these characters is amazing and well worth the price.


I can agree with you OP.But for example.We knew the prices before Evolve came out.All we had to do was pre-order and get the monster for free instead of 15$.
Like if someone was planning to get the game why not pre-order it and save 15$?

Also as we said.Cod’s DLC are maps and colors while on top of it splitting the community.At least i’m happy Evolve doesn’t do that.And yeah i’m getting a feeling making hunters/monsters cost more than making a map



When has this game’s DLC pricing ever not been an issue?

You think it’s too high, don’t buy it.

If 2K see no one’s buying it, the price will come down.



I changed the thread title to be a little less antagonistic…and hopefully we’ll be able to pile all the potential DLC pricing talk for the next week or two in here as well to keep the discussion going in one place :smile:


Trs has employees that design dlc, and these employees have to be payed. If you’re one of those people who never play monster then simply skip the behemoth or vice versa. If you prefer one role over the other, buy that character, or if you like them all by the season pass for a discount. No one is ever going to force dlc upon you, so if you truly do not wish to purchase it then do not. Have a nice day😁


While the prices are higher than most DLC, it also offers something different. Where you say that you get 20 things from a COD $15 pack and 1-2 from an Evolve one, you must know you cannot compare a map to a character. The massive difference in the amount of work put into a character compared to a map is much too wide.

I’m sure you know everyone here wishes the costs were lower, but ya can’t always get what you want. You just have to decide for yourself how much you want these new hunters and monsters. Do you want them now at full price, or in a few months when there’s a sale? Or maybe even never?

Also it’s nice to note you’re paying for maps and new modes on COD while they’re completely free on Evolve ;). Those that are satisfied with just the original 15 characters and don’t want to pay extra are going to get lots of free content over the next year or two so I like to think of my purchases as a contribution to keep that sort of thing going for as long as possible.


The basic issue is that a lot of people find that the high entry price and high DLC price does not reconcile with the quantity of content being offered. Personally I think the quality is justified but you need both to have a good argument for charging the prices being charged.

Its a shame because 2K had fantastic press before the DLC and pricing was announced and then everything went downhill very quickly.

Im happy where the game is at for the price I paid, but I won’t be paying full price on steam for the new hunters. I’ll wait for a sale or till my interest has died.


Ahh, just saw the changed title – I’m going to assume there was more profanity or vitriol than necessary over an economic decision made by marketing professionals? :laughing:


I do think the DLC price is high
I think $10 for a new monster would be OK
Maybe $15 for the Hunting pass

That said you have to take into account extra maps, observer mode, as well as the extra skins we have received for free

Add that into your DLC costs and it becomes a little more reasonable


I remember the Oblivion horse mounts!!!


I remember the Alamo!

Sorry, off topic, please continue with the discussion ladies and gentlemen.


I don’t mind paying for DLC I generally do but paying $15 for a single monster is just ridiculous and to me not worth it at all season pass wasn’t even worth it especially when the “season” is the first 2 months of the release date and is 4 hunters and 3 skins. If I wasn’t so sure I’d get $10 to return this game I’d be doing so but looks like I am stuck with a money sink and I am pissed and will never be buying another one of Turtle Rock Studios games. I’m sure lots of you will have plenty of hate to this but oh well.


I’m sorry you don’t feel it is worth it…

But I certainly do. Behemoth is, yet again, another amazingly detailed Monster and incredibly fun. Game-changing on several levels. I hope you change your mind, or just wait for a sale.


Sorry you don’t like the game, but this has been talked about a bunch. I am fine with the price its okay if you don’t like it nothing is making you.


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