DLC Not working for Xbox 1


The title says it all, why can PS4 and PC play Behemoth and 4th tier hunters but not Xbox 1? Is this a bug or is Xbox 1 supposed to wait until tomorrow?


yeah its an unintended bug with the dlc for xbox, im hoping itll be fixed as soon as they can today


Where did you hear this? Dev?


The main DLC thread:


Yeah they are all in my character select screen and they say unlock in store but i have the season pass and they aren’t in the store.


Hmmmmm well no Dev’s have posted anything today so I guess we just wait.


Yes, for some reason they are unlocked and available for PC and PS4 users but not X1. Yet.


Xbox support just says that DLC is not out yet, please wait for release


Has anyone tried the fix that worked for the Open Beta when the tier 3 characters wouldn’t unlock? If someone is on their Xbox, try this:

  • Ensure that Evolve is closed
  • Select Evolve from your Games & Apps
  • Highlight Evolve and press the Menu Button
  • Select Manage Game
  • Select Reserved Space in your saved data with the Menu Button
  • Select Clear reserved space
  • Launch Evolve

Might be stretch, but it never hurts to try!


Nice idea! Can someone try this and see if it works? I am still downloading with my god awful internet.


Joy. I may be actually able to study for my exam tomorrow then if this is the case.


I can confirm that this does not work, I just tried it myself. Still having the same issue, Behemoth and the Tier 4’s appear on the select screens, but says that I must visit the store to get them, even though I preordered, and they don’t appear in the store. Really hope this little glitch can get fixed today, it’s a shame to know that other platforms are enjoying them right now, but the XB1ers are being forced to wait.


Yeah doesn’t work my dear boy


Thanks for trying. It was worth a shot.


well if any one cares you can play aganst them as bots :smile:


Just checking in to say that I can’t play with them either. I hope this is just a bug that gets fixed very soon.


Dont get your hopes up during the beta it took 2 or 3 days to fix the t3 locked hunters this is very similar might not have it till wed or Thursday if this is truly a bug


The DLC won’t unlock until tomorrow, this is the official announcement. http://evolvegame.com/news/introducing-evolves-next-four-hunters


Players on other platforms have reported being able to play with it early.


WAIT. are the maps still out? Because that will still give me something to look forward too. :smiley: