DLC, Matchmaking, Balanced?


Just looking for some concise answers (no tl;dr rants), as I was planning to purchase Evolve but the reviews haven’t been good.

With the DLC, can I earn these skins through gameplay?
If I decide not to purchase a package with skins, can I purchase them later?

Has Wraith been nerfed yet, or is it still OP?
Has matchmaking been fixed to adjust for players skill levels (both hunters and monster)?
Also has hunter preference been fixed (where it seemed to ignore your preference)?

Are there any other major issues (connction/server/etc)?


Skins are cosmetic and no you cannot (except elite skins those you can) unless you play during event they have had 3 so far and given out skins for free to those playing during the event.

As far as I am aware all skins from packages are in store (except maybe cosmic ones those are 30 day limited then on store could be wrong they may be out on pc already)

wraith wasn’t ever op just annoying and it is in a better place atm

there will be a ranked lobby soon and I assume that will take skill into account.

ignoring preference is not a bug if you and another hunter both have support as first slot only one can get it and it will alternate. if you join a lobby of 4 premades you will be monster because they cannot. If you and rest of lobby all have monster as lowest it will alternate. That is how it works.

Only issue I see (rarely see it) that is major is the falling from dropship and dieing instantly but I think that is caused via desync also behemoth has this odd bug (it may e fixed haven’t experienced it since last patch) where server would time out.

Edit: Also I ignored basically all the reviews on steam since I could see most (if not all neg ones) didn’t even own the game. Also most people only hated it for optional dlc which I think has died down now idk because I found it a stupid reason to hate a game (games should be judged on how fun not how much content that is just silly).


The only skins earned through gameplay are the “Elite” skins, each character has 1 elite skin.

Yup. You can purchase skin bundles (usually themed per class or for monster) or you can purchase them individually. They are a tad cheaper as a bundle but you might only want one. They a bit expensive overall, around $3.

Wraith had power moved from supernova and decoy into warp blast. Most will tell you she’s weak, personally I think she’s still a tad strong after the latest patch. Overall the game is balanced quite nicely though there are still some bigger balance issues to work out such as wildlife buffs and one or two hunters.

That has been in since day 1. Works fine in my experience.

Mostly yes. However if you queue solo and have monster as your last preference, it can still put you into monsters games, mainly because parties cannot be monster. So as a solo player you are most valuable as a monster to the matchmaking. This is irritating for those of us who play with friends but want to be monster and it’s irritating for those who don’t want monster but play alone.

Couple of threads about it, TRS have mentioned they might remove this restriction. There is no guarantee you’ll get your first choice. But when I play solo, with monster as first choice, I’ll usually get 1 of my top 3 choices.

I have not personally encountered any on PC. Overall the game is in a good spot though there are some rough areas that still could use some polishing. As a competitive multiplayer title, it’s doubtful the balance will ever be “perfect”. Look at LoL, it still has major balance changes years and years later. But it’s very enjoyable in it’s current state for me.

Steam reviews are mostly written by anti-DLC bandwagoners.

Hope this helps you!


If he means by levels yea if he means by win rate I don’t think but could be wrong so far been good though.


Okay, that is great.
Thanks for those answers.

Anyone know if the connection is okay from New Zealand (or Australia) are there Australian servers?
Anyone give me some average pings?


Steam reviews & user reviews for Evolve (including YouTubers who get views/likes/$$$ by perpetuating bandwagons) have been kinda remarkable in that they all repeat the same completely wrong arguments against the game, or base their decisions about the game entirely on the price of DLC with very limited hours played. You could tell once the bandwagon started & people were changing their positive reviews to negative ones with similar jokes to get upvoted that they were all heavily biased and useless for understanding the game. Bandwagons have a life of their own sometimes. That said, 2K did it to themselves with a full priced multiplayer game, cosmetic DLC with a F2P pricing model, and content DLC that costs 2/3 the full price of a game; I still don’t know what they were/are thinking.

The game itself is very worth your time, if you’re willing to invest time into learning and improving. You can find excellent depth in the co-op or enjoy the experience of controlling a powerful boss monster. Balance is always a work in progress, but it’s gotten better in many ways. Matchmaking has always grouped people based on player level. Preference has always been handled the same way and is pretty easy to figure out - again people’s complaints are completely off the mark. It’s worth giving it a try and just putting all the reviews out of your head.